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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 19783:10 To Yuma2007
DVD 1526A Bullet For The General1966
F 855Bad Man's River1972
F 676Ballad of Cable Hogue, The1970
DVD 2279Blazing Saddles1974
F 887Broken Arrow1996
F 802Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969
F 540Cheyenne Autumn1964
F 570Cimarron1960
F 1013Cisco Kid, the1993
DVD 1669Claim, The2000
F 196Dances With Wolves1990
DVD 776Deadwood2004
F 623Destry Rides Again1939
DVD 369Destry Rides Again1939
F 810Django1965
DVD 1525Django1965
F 957Django The Bastard1969
F 165Duel in the Sun1946
DVD 709Duel in the Sun1946
DVD 1402El Dorado1966
F 506Far Country, The1954
DVD 991Fistful of Dollars, A1964
F 322Flaming Star1960
F 739Forty Guns1957
F 278Giant (pt 1)1956
F 279Giant (pt 2)1956
DVD 1936Good The Bad The Weird, The2008
F 867Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The1966
F 965Grand Duel, The1972
F 1049Hallelujah Trail, The1965
F 257Heaven's Gate1980
F 1061Hi-Lo Country1998
F 575High Noon1952
DVD 318High Noon1952
F 269Johnny Guitar1953
DVD 855Johnny Guitar1953
F 851Junior Bonner1972
DVD 1339Junior Bonner1972
F 965Keoma1976
DVD 1527Keoma1976
DVD 1174Last of the Dogmen1995
F 651Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean, The1972
DVD 2220Love Me Tender1956
DVD 1974Magnificent Showman1964
DVD 993Man From Laramie, The1955
F 593Man From Snowy River, The1982
F 497Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The1962
DVD 826Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The1962
F 1017Maverick1994
DVD 1195Misfits, The1961
DVD 1630Misfits, The1961
DVD 996Missing, The2003
F 403My Darling Clementine1946
DVD 846My Darling Clementine1946
DVD 228Ned Kelly1970
DVD 237Ned Kelly2003
F 1122Once Upon A Time In China And America1997
DVD 612Once Upon A Time In China And America1997
F 897Once Upon A Time In The West1969
F 938Outcast, The1954
DVD 995Pale Rider1985
F 508Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid1973
F 836Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid1973
DVD 823Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid1973
F 866Posse1975
F 77Pursued1947
DVD 857Pursued1947
F 1133Rachel the Stranger1948
F 28Rancho Notorious1952
DVD 2348Rancho Notorious1952
DVD 2443Rango2011
DVD 819Red River1948
F 225Red River (pt 1)1948
F 226Red River (pt 2)1948
F 428Return of Frank James, The1940
F 632Ride The High Country1962
F 810Ringo and His Golden Pistol1965
F 97Rio Bravo1959
DVD 992Rio Bravo1959
F 145Run of the Arrow1956
F 737Searchers, The1956
F 587Shane1953
F 325She Wore A Yellow Ribbon1949
DVD 303She Wore a Yellow Ribbon1949
DVD 1613Shooting, The1966
DVD 994Shootist, The1976
F 988Skin Game1971
F 805Skin Game1971
DVD 832Stagecoach1939
F 183Stagecoach (extract)1939
F 928Sundowners, The1953
F 1122Tears of the Black Tiger2000
DVD 1345Tears of the Black Tiger2000
F 225Tom Horn1979
DVD 1171Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The1947
F 844True Grit1969
TV 131Ulzana's Raid1972
TV 195Undefeated, The1969
F 621Unforgiven1992
F 962Vengeance1968
DVD 2312Way Out West1937
F 452Where The River Bends (AKA Bend of the River)1952
F 908Wild Bunch, The1969
DVD 1128Wild Bunch, The1969
F 460Winchester '731950
F 661Wyatt Earp1994
F 43Young Mr Lincoln1939
DVD 838Young Mr Lincoln1939