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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 168610 On Ten2004
DVD 168224 City2008
F 62025 Bloody Years: Death On The Rock1988
TV 40242 Up1998
TV 40242 Up1998
TV 40249 Up2005
TV 40249 Up2005
F 37449th Parallel1941
TV 5779/11: The Falling Man2006
TV 396999 Lifesavers1997
F 132A Diary For Timothy1945
F 609A for ABBA1993
DVD 1502A History of Scotland2008-2009
F 691A Night In With The Girls1997
TV 382A Night In With The Girls1997
DVD 1097A Primer For Pina1984
F 105A Seat Among The Stars: The Cinema and Ireland1983
DVD 1944A Story of Children and Film2013
F 609ABBA In Concert1980
DVD 1688ABC Africa2001
F 734Access The Image1989
TV 580Accused2006
DVD 1857Act of Killing, The2012
TR 43Acting in Cinema: Acting and Counter-acting1984
F 158Acting Tapes: Acting in the Cinema1985
F 158Acting Tapes: Acting in the Cinema1985
F 909Admission Impossible1992
TV 322Admission Impossible1992
TR 46Age Exchange Theatre: Can We Afford the Doctor?0
DVD 1943Age of Stupid, The2009
F 703Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer2003
TV 452Alan Bennett - Telling Tales
F 446Albert Maysles: The Poetic Eye2006
TV 242Alchemists of Sound2004
DVD 1856Alcohol Years, The2000
DVD 850Alistair Cooke's America1972-1973
TV 578Alistair Cooke's America1972
TV 251Alt TV: Mr Mkhize's Portrait2004
TR 79Alt-TV: Clowns in the Hood
TV 539Alternative Rock and Roll Years, The2003
TV 539Alternative Rock and Roll Years, The2003
F 430Aly Meets the Cajuns1988
F 324America Is Hard To See1970
F 146Americans in Britain1943
TR 48Ancient Theatre and Its Legacy1992
TV 584Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
TV 487Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
DVD 1356Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
TV 565Angela Cannings - the Real Story2005
F 44Angela Rippon Reporting: The Soap Opera Business1980
TR 79Animal Tragic2002
TV 393Animal Zone1997
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
DVD 2035Arbor, The2010
TV 34Arena at 302005
F 20Arena: 'Coalface', 'Night Mail' & 'Spare Time'1983
TV 231Arena: Bergman and Faro Island2004
TV 34Arena: Chelsea Hotel1981
F 744Arena: Dear Antonioni1997
TV 198Arena: Edward Said - The Idea of Empire1993
TV 231Arena: Encountering Bergman2007
TV 34Arena: James Ellroy's Feast of Death2001
TV 553Arena: La Dame Aux Gladiolas1979
TV 34Arena: Masters of the Canvas1992
F 899Arena: No Direction Home: Bob Dylan2005
F 899Arena: No Direction Home: Bob Dylan2005
F 1199Arena: Painting the Clouds - a Portrait of Dennis Potter2004
TR 33Arena: Robert Wilson on the Civil Warpath1985
F 291Arena: Ruth, Roses and Revolver1987
TV 34Arena: the Burger and the King1995
TV 314Arena: The Complete Citizen Kane1991
TV 36Arena: the Princess and Panorama2005
F 118Arena: The Private Dirk Bogarde2001
TR 75Arena: The Theatre of Dario Fo0
TV 410Arena: The Theatre of Dario Fo1984
TR 33Arena: The Theatre of Robert Wilson1985
F 601Arena: Who Is Vladimir Posner?1994
F 1091Arena: Wisconsin Death Trip1999
DVD 1916Arirang2011
DVD 1660Ark, The1993
TV 550Around Wick Harbour1936
TV 550Around Wick Harbour1974
F 186Art in Revolution1971
F 1121Art That Shook The World: Battleship Potemkin2001
TV 558Art That Shook The World: James Joyces' Ulysses2004
DVD 1023Artworks: Black Watch A Soldier's Story2007
TR 168Artworks: Traverse Theatre at 402002
TR 105As You Like It
DVD 813Ascent Of Man, The1973
F 15Atomic Café, The1982
TV 551Auld Glasgow1997
F 693Auntie: The Inside Story of the BBC1997
TV 387Auntie: The Inside Story of the BBC1997
TV 387Auntie: The Inside Story of the BBC1997
TV 387Auntie: The Inside Story of the BBC1997
DVD 791Auschwitz: The Nazis & 2005
F 945Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore2000
F 946Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore2000
F 949Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore2000
TV 432Australia: Beyond the Fatal Shore2000
F 948Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore (pt 5)2000
F 948Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore (pt 6)2000
TV 495Baader Meinhof: In Love With Terror2002
F 988Back to the Floor2000
TR 155Bagouet - A Planet1994
DVD 1547Bank Ahead1963
TV 312Barlow, Regan, Pyall and Fancy1993
F 214Basic Training1970
TV 409BBC at War, The - British National Culture
F 90BBC TV News: The First Thirty Years1984
DVD 1606Beaches of Agnes, The2008
DVD 2351Beales of Grey Gardens, The2006
DVD 986Before the Nickelodeon: The Early Cinema of Edwin S Porter1982
F 117Before the Nickelodeon: The Early Cinema of Edwin S. Porter1982
F 1005Behind The Music: Saturday Night Fever2001
DVD 1228Being Mick2001
DVD 2Berlin, Symphony of a Great City1927
TR 146Berliner Ensemble Documentary1996
TV 46Berlusconi: Mussolini of the Media1994
F 1001Best of British: Ronnie Corbett, The2000
DVD 1875Between Truth and Fiction: The Films of Vivienne Dick1979-2004
TV 588Beverley Sisters, The: Tickled Pink2008
TV 177Big World Animators1990
TV 487Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World, The2008
F 1177Bill Viola: the Eye of the Heart2003
DVD 1939Bill Viola: The Eye of the Heart2002
TV 336Blair: The Inside Story2007
TV 336Blair: The Inside Story2007
TV 336Blair: The Inside Story2007
DVD 484Blank Generation1976
F 266Blitz on Britain1960
TV 621Blood and Glitter: 70 Years of the Citizens Theatre2015
TV 601Blood On The Carpet: Walking With Disc Jockeys2000
DVD 376Blue Planet, The2001
GB 106Bob Godfrey documentary1992
TV 467Body Snippers2001
TV 472Bollywood For Beginners2002
TV 467Bonebreakers2002
TR 112Bookmark: Sam Shepard1997
TV 572Born In The USSR: 21Up2005
DVD 750Born Into Brothels2004
DVD 171Bowling For Columbine2002
TV 91Box Extra : Derby Day1967
TV 91Box Extra: The Dream Machine1964
TV 577Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, The2003
DVD 1207Brakhage1998
DVD 1483Break the Power of the Manipulators1968
TR 123Brecht: Denken Heisst Veraendern1998
TR 122Brecht: Love, Revolution and Other Dangerous Things1998
DVD 873Brief City1951
F 965Britain at War in Colour2000
F 976Britain at War in Colour2000
TV 434Britain at War in Colour2000
F 104Britain Can Take It1941
TV 604Britain in a Day2012
TV 454Britain In Pictures2007
F 210British Cinema: A Personal View (Alan Parker)1986
TV 478British Empire in Colour, The2002
TV 198Brookside: Close Up1988
DVD 437Buena Vista Social Club1999
TV 538Buffy: Television With a Bite2002
TV 454Building Britain2007
TV 360Burns On The Box1995
F 592Bush Medicine1984
F 138Buster Keaton Rides Again1965
TV 136Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow1987
TV 136Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow1987
TV 259Byline: Cathy, Where Are You Now?1990
DVD 765C.S.A. (The Confederate States of America)2004
TV 516Caledonia Dreamin'2008
TV 232Call the Cops2008
F 124Cameramen at War1943
DVD 375Capturing the Friedmans2003
TV 580Carry On Ken2006
DVD 1597Carry On Ken2006
F 1092Celluloid Closet, The1996
F 781Centenary Snapshots1996
F 694Century of Cinema: The Russian Idea1995
DVD 1587Century of the Self, The2002
TV 518Chancers2003
TV 466Changing Sex2001
F 974Changing Stages: America2000
TV 315Channels of Resistance: Brazil - Beyond Citizen Kane1992
TV 315Channels of Resistance: Distress Signals & Yap - How Did You Know We'd Like TV?1990
TV 316Channels of Resistance: Manufacturing Consent : Noam Chomsky and the Media1992
TV 316Channels of Resistance: Tactical Television1993
TV 293Chicago1961
DVD 1425Chicago 102007
DVD 551Chicken Ranch1983
DVD 2060Chris Marker Collection1956-2004
TV 64Christmas Under Fire1941
F 1197Chronique d'un été AKA Chronicle of a Summer1961
DVD 1918Chung Kuo China1972
F 575Cinefile: John Cassavetes1993
F 750Cinefile: Robert Altman: Giggle And Give In1996
F 853Cinefile: Schooldaze1995
F 689Cinefile: Stanley Kubrick: The Invisible Man1996
F 771Cinema Direct I: L'O.N.P.1957
F 659Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
F 661Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
TV 378Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
TV 378Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
TV 378Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
TV 379Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
TV 379Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
TV 379Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995
F 790Cinéma Vérité: Defining the Moment1999
TR 31Citizens Theatre1990
TV 564Civilisation1969
F 572Clyde Film1985
F 20Coalface1935
F 845Cold War1998
F 845Cold War1998
DVD 1300Colony, The1964
F 1012Coltrane Legacy, The1985
TV 281Complete Citizen Kane, The1991
DVD 2005Complete Humphrey Jennings: Volume One - The First Days (Blu-ray)1934-1940
TV 351Confessions of an IRA Informer2004
F 556Conquest of the Air, The1940
GB 24Conquest of the Air, The1940
TV 159Conspiracy: the Trial of the Chicago Eight1987
F 271Consuming Hunger1987
F 272Consuming Hunger1987
TV 311Coronation Day - 2 June 19531993
TV 263Coronation Street 30th Birthday Lecture1990
F 361Coronation Street Special1988
TV 376Coronation Street Years, The1995
TV 311Coronation, The: As If It Were Yesterday1993
DVD 436Corporation, The2003
TV 502Correspondent: Aljazeera Exclusive2003
F 953Cracked Actor1975
TR 78Creation of Adam and Eve, The1996
DVD 1136Crossing the Bridge: the Sound of Istanbul2005
F 715Cu Chi Tunnels, The1990
F 716Culloden1964
TV 174Curse of the Omen, The2005
TV 371D-Day: Turning the Tide1994
TV 458Dad's Army: Missing Presumed Wiped2002
F 375Daguerreotypes1979
TV 439Dallas Years, The2000
F 682Dambusters Raid, The1994
DVD 484Dancing Barefoot1995
DVD 1633Dancing Dreams2010
TR 157Dario Fo
TR 158Dario Fo
F 1012Daughter Rite1978
F 986David Beckham Story, The2000
TV 224David Dimbleby's TV Guide to the Galaxy1988
TR 74David Edgar Playwright's Workshop1995
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 567Death on the Staircase2004
TV 532Desert Island Chefs2003
TV 532Desert Island Chefs2003
TV 532Desert Island Chefs2003
F 107Desert Victory1943
DVD 873Designed in Britain1959
TV 467Designer Vaginas2002
TR 139Destination Mozart: A Night at the Opera with Peter Sellars1990
TV 584Diana and the Camera2002
F 1086Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti1985
DVD 1229Divorce Iranian Style1997
F 754Documentary Shorts Compilation - British National Culture1940
TV 439Doing Dallas2000
DVD 421Don't Look Back1967
TV 458Don't Panic: The Dad's Army Story2000
DVD 1557Double Take2009
TV 573Drama Documentary: Imagining the Truth2005
TV 597Dream Me Up Scotty2013
F 780Dreamland: A History of Early Canadian Movies 1895-19391974
DVD 903Dreamworlds 3: desire, sex and power in music video2007
F 107Drifters1929
F 753Drifters1929
TV 406Early Broadcasting - British National Culture
F 535Early Sunday Morning1987
F 671Easy Riders: The Story Of Easy Rider1995
DVD 1714Edge Of Dreaming, The2010
F 796Edward Muybridge, Zoopraxographer1974
F 234Eighty Days, The1944
F 285Eleventh Hour: Films by Margaret Tait1987
F 279Eleventh Hour: Long Live The New Flesh - The Films Of David Cronenberg1987
F 26Eleventh Hour: Margaret Tait Film Maker1983
F 287Eleventh Hour: Red Skirts on Clydeside1984
F 500Eleventh Hour: The World is Watching1988
F 453Eleventh Hour: Women Direct1985
F 464Elstree: Britain's Hollywood1989
F 465Elstree: Britain's Hollywood1989
F 421Empire Exhibition, The: 50 Years On1988
TV 263Empire: Rupert Murdoch1990
DVD 2255Encounters at the End of the World2007
DVD 807Enginemen1959
TV 198Equinox: Freud Under Analysis1987
F 432Equinox: Malltime1987
DVD 494Etre et Avoir2002
TR 154Eurythmics and Jaques-Dalcroze: Fabian Bautz
DVD 807Every Day Except Christmas1957
TV 364Everyman: The Fall of Saigon1995
TR 42Ewan MacColl: A Portrait0
F 716Ex:S: Making Reel History1996
F 287Ex:S: The Drowned Village2000
TV 553Ex:S: The Glen Cinema Disaster2005
F 528Eyes On The Prize: America at the Racial Crossroads1990
F 530Eyes On The Prize: America at the Racial Crossroads1990
TV 478Face to Face: John Schlesinger1993
TV 158Face to Face: Martin Luther King1961
TV 468Falklands Play Row, The2002
TV 557Fall, The: the Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith2005
DVD 873Family Portrait1951
F 1192Fast, Cheap and Out of Control1997
F 735Fellini Fiddles, Rome Burns1992
TV 436Festival1967
DVD 873Festival In London1951
DVD 551Fetishes1996
F 211Fifties Features: The Women Behind the Pictures1986
F 211Fifties Features: The Women Behind the Pictures1986
F 218Fifties Features: The Women Behind the Pictures1986
TV 579Fight For Cuban Music, The2006
DVD 1226Film Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light2006
DVD 2389Filmfarsi2019
F 1012Filming Desire: A Journey Through Women's Cinema2000
F 516Films Of Scotland2010
F 516Films Of Scotland2010
F 516Films Of Scotland2010
F 516Films Of Scotland2010
F 516Films Of Scotland2010
DVD 2259Fire at Sea2016
DVD 2377Fire in the Blood2013
F 124Fires Were Started (aka I Was A Fireman)1943
TV 539First World War, The2003
TV 550Fishing Week1955
DVD 594Five Obstructions, The2003
TV 90Flashback : Your Very Good Health, 1945-501984
TV 43Flashback: At the Front, 1914-161983
TV 33Flashback: Motherhood in the 1950s1984
F 171Flashback: Protest 19681983
TV 8Flashback: Reporting the Falklands1983
TV 43Flashback: The Bioscope Goes to War, 1899-19021983
F 104Flashback: Their Finest Hour1983
TV 146Flashback: To Aldermaston and Back, 1958-601983
TV 350Flashback: Towards the Promised Land, 1941-451983
TV 146Flashback: Voices For Peace, 1930-391983
TV 62Flat Caps and Ferrets1992
DVD 1862Fog of War, The2003
DVD 2426For Sama2019
DVD 1346For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism2008
F 651Forbidden Britain: Our Secret Past 1900-19601994
F 367Forty Minutes: Diary of A Frontliner1988
F 990Forty Years On Coronation Street2000
TV 180Fourteen Days in May1987
F 893Frank Capra's American Dream1997
TV 62From the North1992
TV 78From the North1985
DVD 2098Frozen Planet2011
DVD 423Fugazi - Instrument1998
F 747Funny Women: June Whitfield1997
DVD 902Further Off The Straight And Narrow: new gay visibility on television 1998-20062006
DVD 807Gala Day1963
GB 45Garden, The1990
DVD 1693Gates of Heaven1978
TV 568Gathering Place, The2005
TV 568Gathering Place, The2005
TV 568Gathering Place, The2005
TV 568Gathering Place, The2005
TV 444Geri1999
DVD 2331Geri1999
DVD 1507Germany Awake1968
DVD 1234Ghostwatch1992
DVD 422Gimme Shelter1970
TV 36Girls and Boys: Sex and British Pop2005
F 572Glasgow 19801971
F 572Glasgow's Docklands1959
DVD 443Gleaners and I, The2000
DVD 1317Gleaners and I, The2000
F 551Godfather Family, The1990
F 613Going Underground: The Great Escapers1994
F 325Golden Gong, The: Fifty Years of Rank's Films and Stars1987
F 16Golden Years of Alexander Korda, The1968
F 1064Good Fight, The1983
F 1097Goodness Ungracious Me2002
TV 62Granadaland (pt 1)1992
TV 62Granadaland (pt 2)1992
F 1125Grass Documentary1999
TV 420Great British Sunday, The2008
TV 327Great Depression, The1993
TV 23Great Experiments: Photography1985
F 320Great Trailer Show, The1986
F 322Great Trailer Show, The1986
F 334Great Trailer Show, The1986
DVD 1379Great Writers: Jean Cocteau1996
F 446Grey Gardens1975
DVD 918Grey Gardens1975
DVD 1308Grizzly Man2006
TV 106Guernica1950
DVD 2157Gypsy Caravan: When the Road Bends2006
F 10Hammer Studios: The Studio That Dripped Blood1987
DVD 1483Hannelore Mabry - A Portrait2005
TV 103Happy Birthday BBC22004
F 20Harry Watt Interview1983
DVD 1552Heart of the Angel1989
F 741Heartfield1991
F 392Heaven1986
DVD 551Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam1995
DVD 1930Helen of Troy2005
TV 442Heroes of Comedy: Frankie Howerd1994
F 801Heroes of Comedy: The Goons1997
TV 283High Interest: Sick as a Parrot1992
F 1194High School II1994
TV 579Highland Hoots2007
F 761Highland Stramash: A Theatre Tour of the Highlands1992
DVD 906Hip Hop: beyond beats and rhymes2006
DVD 1694Histoire(s) du Cinema1988-1998
F 951History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
DVD 758History of Britain, A2000
F 1000Hitler's Henchmen: Goebbels2000
TR 167Hitler's Olympia: the Nazi Olympics 19361936
TV 441Hitler: The Private Man2000
TV 469Hollwood Greats: Doris Day2002
F 422Hollywood1979
F 1177Hollywood Composers: Erich Korngold2003
F 718Hollywood Greats: Gene Kelly2000
F 803Hollywood Greats: Judy Garland2000
TV 469Hollywood Greats: Steve McQueen2002
F 568Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
F 577Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
TV 325Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
TV 325Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
TV 325Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
DVD 1552Home From The Hill1986
F 966Home Sweet Home2000
F 159Hooray for Hollywood1976
F 207Hooray for Holyrood: True Confessions of the Edinburgh Film Festival1986
TV 52Horizon: How to Film the Impossible1985
F 222Hospital1969
TV 546Hot Spots: Indonesia2004
DVD 1217Hotel Monterey1972
DVD 1214House is Black, The (AKA Khaneh siah ast)1962
F 258Housing Problems1936
F 592How The West Was Lost1987
TV 11How To Be Celtic: Scotland1983
DVD 1992How To Survive A Plague2012
TR 13Howard Barker Profile: Refuse to Dance1986
DVD 590Human Body, The1998
TV 500Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles, The2002
TV 500Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles, The2002
TV 500Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles, The2002
DVD 511I Am Trying To Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco2002
TV 434I Don't Believe It: The One Foot in the Grave Story2000
DVD 1491I Don't Just Want You To Love Me1993
DVD 1146I for India2005
TR 160I Was Hamlet1993
TV 538Ian Rankin's Evil Thoughts2002
TR 26Ibsen Documentary
DVD 1945If War Should Come (volume 3)1939-1941
TV 539Imagine: From Pencils to Pixels2003
F 762In Bed With Madonna (AKA Truth Or Dare)1991
F 713In The Company Of Men1995
DVD 1552In The Company Of Men1995
F 575In The Line Of Fire: Behind The Scenes With The Secret Service1993
DVD 1483In The Midst Of The Malestream2005
F 484Incredibly Strange Film Show, The1988
F 486Incredibly Strange Film Show, The1988
TV 407Independent Television - British National Culture
F 1129Independent's Day1998
F 1097India Calling2002
DVD 1369India with Sanjeev Bhaskar2007
DVD 1370India with Sanjeev Bhaskar2007
DVD 1370India with Sanjeev Bhaskar2007
DVD 1370India with Sanjeev Bhaskar2007
F 418Ingmar Bergman: The Director1988
F 418Ingmar Bergman: The Magic Lantern1988
TV 557Inhuman Traffic2005
F 1148Injustice2001
TV 437Inside Big Brother2000
DVD 1827Inside Nature's Giants: Great White Shark2012
TV 196Inside Story: The Spitfire1987
TR 139Introduction to Kathakali Dance-Drama1993
TV 425Is That Your Final Answer?1999
GB 64Islanders, The1940
DVD 2189Iwo Jima: The Boys of H Company2003
DVD 415Jamie's School Dinners2005
F 333Japan Season, The (Inochi and Fish and Game)1987
DVD 485Jazz On A Summer's Day1959
TV 518JLB: The Man Who Saw The Future2003
DVD 1521JLB: The Man Who Saw The Future2003
TV 336Jock Stein: You're Immortal2007
TV 222John F Kennedy: Crisis1963
TV 222John F Kennedy: Primary1960
TV 536John Leslie: My Year of Hell2003
TR 24John Osborne Interview1991
F 1007Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter2009
F 1007Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter2009
F 1007Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter2009
TV 180Journey, The1988
TR 79Jump London2003
F 344Just A Song And Dance Story: Associated Television (ATV)1987
TV 106Just Another Day : EastEnders Behind The Scenes1986
TV 63Just For Openers: Thirty Years of ITV1985
TR 151Kantor's Mannequins1983
DVD 1351Karin's Face1984
TV 589Katie Price: The Jordan Years2009
F 684Kid Stays in the Picture, The2002
GB 64King's Stamp, The1935
TV 124L'Amour des Chaînes1986
DVD 1428La Vie est à Nous1936
DVD 1089Land of Promise: The British Documentary Movement 1930-19501930-1950
TV 393Land of the Tiger (Extracts)1997
F 341Larissa1980
TV 243Las Hurdes : Terre Sans Pain (Tierra sin pan)1932
DVD 1933Last Art Film, The2012
F 930Last Dream, The1988
F 930Last Dream, The1988
F 930Last Dream, The1988
TV 381Last Machine , The1995
TV 381Last Machine , The1995
TV 381Last Machine , The1995
F 633Last Machine, The1995
F 687Last Machine, The1995
F 967Last Morse, The2000
DVD 418Last Waltz, The1978
F 746Late Show, The1995
TR 102Late Show, The: Howard Brenton Profile1996
F 582Late Show, The: Leni Reifenstahl's 'Triumph of the Will'1992
TV 372Late Show, The: Loach On Location1995
F 534Late Show, The: Profile of Roland Barthes1990
TR 142Late Show, The: The Roundhouse1993
TR 29Laurence Olivier: A Life1982
DVD 2350Le Joli Mai1963
TV 74Leader, His Driver and His Driver's Wife, The1991
DVD 552Leader, His Driver and His Driver's Wife, The1991
F 683Learning Zone: BFI Curriculum 2000 Conference1996
F 1162Legend of Leigh Bowery, The2003
F 19Let Glasgow Flourish1952
TV 284Let's Go Nationwide1991
DVD 1860Leviathan2012
DVD 1483Liberators Take Liberties1991
TV 424Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II1992
DVD 2331Lie of the Land, The2007
TV 91Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, The1980
TV 284Lime Grove: The Television Years1991
F 107Listen To Britain1941
F 336Listen To Britain1941
DVD 1556Little Dieter Needs To Fly1998
DVD 1587Living Dead, The1995
TV 294Living For Kicks1960
TR 43Living Theatre: Through the Flames1985
TV 422Living With Michael Jackson2003
TV 432London1994
F 30London Can Take It1940
TR 116Lord of the Dance - Destroyer of Illusion1986
TV 274Lord of the Wing2004
DVD 2331Lord's Tale, The2002
DVD 1588Los Angeles Plays Itself2003
TV 556Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
TV 556Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
TV 556Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
DVD 637Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
F 698Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends2000
TV 582Louis Theroux: the Most Hated Family in America2007
DVD 2118Louis Theroux: The Odd, The Bad and The Godly2010-2011
DVD 2117Louis Theroux: The Strange and the Dangerous2007
DVD 582Lumiere and Company1996
F 1036M.G.M.: When the Lion Roars1992
TV 356M.G.M.: When the Lion Roars1992
TV 357M.G.M.: When the Lion Roars1992
TV 358M.G.M.: When the Lion Roars1992
DVD 1791Magic of Méliès, The1997
DVD 1808Making A Difference: Stories from the fight against poverty in Scotland2010
F 1013Making of 'What Women Want', The2001
F 374Making of A 'Local Hero', The: With a Little Help From His Friends1983
TV 365Making of a Legend, The: Gone With The Wind1988
TV 184Making of Britain, The1987
F 1116Making of Medium Cool, The2002
TV 371Making of Terminator 2, The1991
F 127Making the Most of the Micro: Introducing Graphics1983
TV 319Man Alive1965
TV 353Man Alive: Lift Up Your Skirts1966
F 105Man of Aran1934
DVD 1013Man of Aran1934
DVD 1877Man of Aran (British Sea Power soundtrack)1934
DVD 1624Man On Wire2007
F 616Man Who Loved Cinema, The (Francois Truffaut)1996
TV 305Man Who Loved Cinema, The (Francois Truffaut)1996
DVD 44Man With A Movie Camera1929
DVD 1387Maradona by Kusturica2008
DVD 1075March of the Penguins2005
TV 95March of Time, The (pt 2)1986
DVD 807March To Aldermaston1959
DVD 835Margaret Tait Selected Films 1952-19761952-1976
F 274Marilyn on Marilyn2001
F 349Marlene Dietrich Documentary1984
TV 349Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Feel Like Going Home2003
TR 134Masque of Malabar
TR 159Masterpiece: Paul Mercurio-Life's Burning Desire1992
DVD 1621McLuhan's Wake2002
F 446Meet Marlon Brando1965
F 947Meet The Ancestors2000
GB 74Memories and Dreams1993
F 612Men Only: In The Firing Line1994
F 170Men Who Changed Football, The2001
TR 117Meyerhold's Theatre and Biomechanics1999
F 839Michael Douglas: Favourite Films1992
TV 585Michael Jackson: What Really Happened2007
TV 573Michael Moore and Me2005
TV 233Micro File: Computer Graphics Special1988
F 734Milestone, The: A Natural and Unnatural History of Ailsa Craig1990
F 324Millhouse: A White Comedy1971
TR 159Mimi - An Evening with Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre1988
TV 539Mind Bites: Music2000
F 440Minnelli On Minnelli: Liza Remembers Vincente1987
TV 296Modern Art: Film Montage1995
DVD 807Momma Don't Allow1956
TV 545Monarchy2004
TV 545Monarchy2004
TV 545Monarchy2004
F 1127Mondo Macabro2001
F 1126Mondo Macabro: World's Weirdest Movies2001
F 537Money Programme, The: HDTV The European Challenge1990
TV 249Money Programme, The: Satellite Television (excerpt)1990
DVD 1369Monsoon Railway2005
DVD 1369Monsoon Railway2005
F 290Morning in the Streets1959
TV 232Morning in the Streets1959
TV 396Most Wanted1997
DVD 1483Mother Beast - Mother Human1998
F 934Mr Thunderbird2000
TV 592Murder Capital2009
F 1202Murder On A Sunday2001
F 630Music For The Movies: Bernard Herrmann1992
DVD 1552My African Farm1988
DVD 1482My Best Fiend1999
TV 368My Family and Autism2003
F 534My Filmmaking - My Life1990
F 30Nanook of the North1921
DVD 2247Nanook of the North1921
F 146Negro Soldier, The1942
TR 124Neil Bartlett: A Profile1993
DVD 1617Net, The2003
F 606Network First: Apollo - When the World Held Its Breath1994
TV 591New Ten Commandments, The2008
F 592Ngurunderi: A Ngarrindjeri Dreaming1987
DVD 807Nice Time1957
F 20Night Mail1936
GB 144Night with Derek Jarman, A: Know What I Mean?1989
DVD 1861Nostalgia For The Light2010
F 1197Not A Love Story: A Film About Pornography1981
DVD 2254Notes on Blindness2016
TV 486Notting Hill Riots, The2003
TV 69Now the War is Over1985
TV 69Now the War is Over1985
F 1084Nuit et Brouillard (Night and Fog)1955
F 803Nuremberg1946
DVD 807O Dreamland1953
GB 82Obituary Show, The: Norman Wisdom1992
DVD 1208Of Time And The City2008
F 779Okanada1991
TR 25Ominibus: Harold Pinter Interview1988
TV 102Omnibus: All My Loving1968
TV 140Omnibus: Arthur Miller1987
F 408Omnibus: Eisenstein - Little Boy From Riga1988
F 140Omnibus: Hancock From East Cheam to Earls Court1985
F 971Omnibus: John Barry - Licence To Thrill2000
TR 168Omnibus: Les Miserables goes to China2002
TV 538Omnibus: Patricia Cornwell Stalking the Ripper2002
F 648Omnibus: Perry and Croft The Sitcoms1995
F 989Omnibus: Peter Greenaway - Anatomy of a Film-Maker1991
TR 11Omnibus: Profile of Alan Ayckbourn1990
TR 45Omnibus: Profile of Caryl Churchill1988
TR 16Omnibus: Profile of Caryl Churchill1988
TV 459Omnibus: Rape - That's Entertainment?1989
DVD 328Omnibus: Signs of Vigorous Life: New German Cinema1976
F 230Omnibus: The Last Moguls1986
TR 44Omnibus: The Theatre of Robert LePage1992
TV 32On That Day2008
DVD 2058On Yer Bike: A History of Cycling on Film1899-1983
F 1192Once Upon A Time In Iraq2007
TV 240One Day in the Life of Television1989
TV 549One Life: Detox or Die2004
TV 330One Pair of Eyes1967
DVD 807One Potato Two Potato1957
F 217Open the Box1986
TV 117Open University : Historical Evidence1986
TR 102Open University: Ancient Drama in Performance0
DVD 2Opus 11922
F 104Ordinary People1942
TV 368Orkney's Gold1994
TV 476Osbournes, The2002
TR 95Oskar Schlemmer at the Bauhaus : Gestentanz1986
F 819Other Hollywood Volume I, The1995
F 820Other Hollywood Volume II, The1995
F 821Other Hollywood Volume III, The1995
F 258Out of the Blue and Into the Black1987
TR 168Out There: Tramway1993
F 1119Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism2004
TV 562Pakistani Actually2005
TV 459Panorama: the Killing Screens1995
DVD 1282Paris Is Burning1990
TR 79Party Monster1997
TV 293Passion of Remembrance1986
TR 18Peggy Ashcroft: A Profile1987
F 946Penelope Keith: Lady of the Manor1999
F 30People of the Islands1983
TV 8People to People: Just Like Coronation Street1984
TV 376People's Century1995
TV 385People's Century1996
TV 96People's War, A1986
TV 107People's War, A1986
TV 108People's War, A1986
TV 108People's War, A1986
TV 112People's War, A1986
TV 112People's War, A1986
TV 517Personal Services2003
TV 517Personal Services2003
TV 517Personal Services2003
TV 517Personal Services2003
TR 34Peter Hall : 15 Years at the National1988
DVD 102Phar Lap: The People's Champion2001
DVD 1536Phoenix Tower, The1957
DVD 1634Pina2011
DVD 1558Planet Earth (Blu-ray)2006
DVD 2401Planet Of Snail2011
TR 79Play and the Social World1994
F 1097Playful Muse, The
TV 472Playful Muse, The2002
TV 398Playing Doctor1996
DVD 905Playing Unfair: the media image of the female athlete2002
DVD 1700Plug and Pray2010
TR 125Plushies and Furries2003
F 316Point of Order1963
TV 503Poliakoff on Film: Shooting the Present2001
TV 465Police: A Complaint of Rape1982
TV 586Pop Britannia2008
F 294Popular Culture: British Cinema of the 1930s1980
TV 532Porn: a Family Business2003
TV 532Porn: a Family Business2003
TR 109Portrait of Michael Meschke1984
F 947Portrait Or Bust1994
F 884Poughkeepsie Shuffle: Tracing the French Connection2000
DVD 1587Power of Nightmares, The: The Rise of the Politics of Fear2004
TV 277Power of Soap, The1992
F 667Pride and Prejudice: From Page To Screen1995
F 687Private Life of Plants, The1995
TV 478Profile of John Schlesinger2002
F 1124Profile: Linton Kwesi Johnson2002
F 700Profiles: John Travolta2000
TV 232Profiling Ian Rankin2008
F 668Projection Racket, The1995
F 494Propaganda: The Image and its Power1989
TV 246Propaganda: The Image and its Power1989
TV 602Public Enemy: Prophets of Rage2011
TV 320QED: Putting You In The Picture1988
TV 61QED: Television Special Effects1984
F 167QED: The War of Words Down Under1984
TV 412Rain In My Heart2006
F 791Raw Deal: A Question of Consent2001
F 1181Real Blair Witch, The2003
TV 478Real Linda Lovelace, The2002
TV 71Real Lives: At The Edge of the Union1985
TV 174Real Silence of the Lambs, The2004
F 1015Real Spartacus, The2001
TV 174Real Vampire Chronicles, The2005
F 716Rebellion1996
TV 245Rebus: Behind the Scenes2006
F 1101Reel Women1994
DVD 807Refuge England1959
DVD 2104Religulous2008
F 859Reputations: Hitch - Alfred the Auteur1999
TV 464Reputations: John Betjeman2001
DVD 417Responsive Eye, The1965
TR 27Review of the Arts 19881988
TR 15Review of the Arts 19901990
TV 139Review: Moscow Popular Culture1987
TV 263Richard Dimbleby: Voice of the Nation1990
F 311RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 317RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 318RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 322RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 323RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
TV 432Robinson In Space1997
DVD 1863Rocky Road To Dublin1968
F 1135Roger and Me1989
F 466Roger Rabbit and the Secrets of Toon Town1988
DVD 2344Room 2372012
TV 580Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker2005
F 209Royal Family at War1992
DVD 76Rude Boy1980
DVD 1229Runaway2001
F 355Rush Hour1941
F 43Russell Crowe's Greatest Fights2003
DVD 1368Saira Khan's Pakistan Adventure2007
DVD 1368Saira Khan's Pakistan Adventure2007
F 446Salesman1968
DVD 917Salesman1968
DVD 2253Salt of the Earth, The2014
DVD 2301Samsara2011
TR 12Samuel Beckett Portrait - From Silence to Silence1990
DVD 371Sans Soleil1983
TV 356Satellite Wars1995
TV 357Satellite Wars1995
TV 358Satellite Wars1995
TV 392Scare Stories: Running on Empty1997
TV 579Scene By Scene: David Lynch1999
F 981Scene By Scene: Lauren Bacall2000
TV 413Scene By Scene: Roman Polanski2000
TV 412Scene By Scene: Woody Allen2000
TV 588Scotland at the Movies: The 39 Steps2008
F 729Scotland On Film2001
F 340Scotland On Film2003
TV 488Scotland On Film2003
TV 550Scotland on Film: Reel Lives2004
TV 551Scotland On Film: Upstairs Downstairs2004
F 67Scotland's Story1984
F 67Scotland's Story1984
TV 266Scots: The Language of Kings2005
TV 266Scots: The Language of Kings2005
TV 266Scots: The Language of Kings2005
TV 266Scots: The Language of Kings2005
DVD 1611Scratch2001
F 1176Scream and Scream Again2000
F 842Screening Middlemarch1994
DVD 270Seagull, The1897
F 699Seawards the Great Ships1960
DVD 2335Secret Caribbean, The2009
F 896Secret Country, The1985
TV 322Secret Country, The: The First Australians Fight Back1985
F 929Secret History: Last Train From Budapest2000
F 908Secret History: The Few2000
TV 279Secret Life of Machines, The: the VCR1990
F 409Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein, The1987
TV 535Secret Policeman, The2003
TV 8Sense of the Past, A1986
TR 42Serjeant Musgrave at the Royal Court1990
TV 310Seven Faces of Everest1993
F 843Seventy-Five Years of BBC Scotland1998
TV 510Shanghai Vice1999
F 709Shoah (pt 1)1985
F 710Shoah (pt 2)1985
F 389Shorelines: Three Artists from Orkney1985
TR 61Short Film About Loving, A : Profile of Peter Sellars1995
F 107Shunter Black's Night Off1943
DVD 1807Side By Side2012
TV 436Sighthill Stories2008
F 449Signals: The Day Comics Grew Up1989
F 546Signals: The Secret Life Of The Soviet Union1990
F 773Silent Feminists, The: America's First Women Directors1992
F 106Silent Village, The1943
TV 196Simon Ngubane: Still On Strike1987
TV 411Sinatra: Dark Star2005
DVD 807Singing Street, The1952
DVD 1367Sisters in Law2005
DVD 807Small Is Beautiful: the story of the Free Cinema films told by their makers2006
F 916Soap Down Under1991
TV 272Soap Down Under1990
TV 377Soap Fiction1995
DVD 552Soldier Girls1981
TV 562Some Things You Need to Know About Doctor Who2005
GB 67Song of Summer1968
TV 599Sound of Musicals, The2013
TR 61South Bank Show, The : Edward Albee1995
TV 386South Bank Show, The : Marlene Dietrich1996
TV 573South Bank Show, The: Alan Bennett2005
F 357South Bank Show, The: Art of the Aboriginals1987
TR 19South Bank Show, The: Arthur Miller Interview1991
TV 367South Bank Show, The: Coronation Street1995
TR 61South Bank Show, The: David Mamet1994
F 380South Bank Show, The: David Puttnam1988
TV 447South Bank Show, The: Greta Garbo2001
TV 501South Bank Show, The: Hanif Kureishi2003
TV 478South Bank Show, The: Mike Leigh2002
TR 36South Bank Show, The: Peter Brook1989
TR 34South Bank Show, The: Peter Hall and Late Shakespeare1988
F 520South Bank Show, The: Put Blood in the Music (John Zorn and Sonic Youth)1989
TR 36South Bank Show, The: Steven Berkoff1989
TR 35South Bank Show, The: The Wooster Group : LSD1987
TV 540South Bank Show, The: TV Stories II2003
DVD 1596South Bank Show: Ken Loach1993
F 13South Bank Show: Sam Fuller1983
TV 23Soviet Television: Fact and Fiction (pts 1 & 2)1985
F 1064Spanish Earth, The1937
F 20Spare Time1939
F 29Spare Time1939
TV 283Special Inquiry: the Trouble With Auntie1992
DVD 1836Spirit of '45, The2013
TV 98Sport in the 60s: a TV Revolution2004
TV 177State of the Art1990
TV 177State of the Art1990
F 467State of the Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s1986
TV 169State of the Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s1986
TV 169State of the Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s1986
TV 359Stay Tooned: Tish Tash Toons1994
F 405Stone Monkey1988
TV 311Storm in an Egg Cup: The History of TV-AM1992
TV 562Story of Doctor Who, The2003
DVD 1683Story of Film, The: An Odyssey2011
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 106Story of Royal Broadcasting, The1986
DVD 1166Story of the Weeping Camel, The2003
TV 421Storyville: A Cry from the Grave1999
TV 462Storyville: Closing Down2001
TV 464Storyville: Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse (The Gleaners and I)2000
F 152Storyville: Lost in La Mancha2002
TV 546Storyville: Shadowplay2001
F 1081Storyville: Three Salons at the Seaside1994
F 817Storyville: Waco - the Rules of Engagement1997
F 592Stranger in Town1986
TV 111Stranger Than Fiction : Mass Observation1985
TR 125Strongest Man In Britain, The2002
DVD 1879Stuart Hall Project, The2013
TV 585STV Gold: the story of the first 50 years2007
F 62Style Wars1983
DVD 2195Super Size Me2004
DVD 2417Supermen of Malegaon2008
F 973Supporting Acts2000
TV 550Surreally Scozzese2001
F 718Surviving the Iron Age2001
F 507Swimming To Cambodia1987
TV 341Take That: For The Record2005
F 345Take the High Road: Take 5001987
DVD 2059Tales From The Shipyard: Britain's Shipbuilding Heritage on Film1898-1974
F 355Talking Pictures1988
F 362Talking Pictures1988
F 389Talking Pictures1988
TR 164Tam O'Shanter2002
TR 45Tango with Ninagawa1991
F 228Target for Tonight1941
DVD 717Tarnation2003
F 699Tarrant On TV1999
F 838Ted Bundy: Natural Porn Killer2006
TV 27Television1985
TV 47Television1985
TV 47Television1985
TV 47Television1985
TV 48Television1985
TV 48Television1985
TV 48Television1985
TV 49Television1985
TV 49Television1985
TV 49Television1985
TV 50Television1985
TV 50Television1985
TV 50Television1985
F 248Television and Number Ten1986
F 249Television and Number Ten1986
TV 110Television Comes to Bradford1986
TV 104Television Explosion, The1986
TV 408Television in the 1950s - British National Culture
DVD 1509Television Under the Swastika1999
F 360Ten2002
DVD 1687Ten2002
TV 139Ten Days That Shook The World1967
F 901Ten Quid Tourists1985
TV 148Ten Quid Tourists, The1988
TR 115Terror in Moscow2003
F 548Testament1988
DVD 2425The Camera Is Ours: Britain's Women Documentary Makers1935-1967
F 890The Final Day: James Dean1999
F 888The Final Day: Natalie Wood1999
F 437The Making of Supersense1989
TV 188The Search for Realism: Cinema Special Effects1987
TR 179Theatre Biz: Exit Stage School2004
TR 179Theatre Biz: First Night2004
TR 179Theatre Biz: The Shakespearean Job2004
TR 45Théâtre de Complicité: The Street of Crocodiles1992
TR 21Theatre of Peter Stein, The1987
TR 144Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor, The1991
F 769Things I Cannot Change, The1967
F 997Third Reich in Colour, The2000
DVD 1298This Film Is Not Yet Rated2006
TV 551This Is Scotland: And So Goodbye2004
TV 548This Scotland: Crude Progress2004
TV 500This Scotland: The Screen Machine2003
F 582This Scotland: Treefellers2004
F 398This Week: Death On The Rock1988
GB 111Those British Faces: A Tribute to Alastair Sim1992
GB 111Those British Faces: A Tribute to Gracie Fields1992
GB 107Those British Faces: A Tribute to James Robertson Justice1992
GB 112Those British Faces: A Tribute to Margaret Leighton1992
TV 242Time Shift: Fantasy 60s2003
TV 585Time Shift: Never Had It So Good2007
TV 123Time Shift: Play It Again2005
TV 561Time Shift: Russell T Davies Unscripted2005
TV 353Time Shift: Six Days to Saturday1963
TV 242Time Shift: the Kneale Tapes2003
F 785Time Team2001
F 361Timewatch1988
F 931Timewatch: Aborigine A Collision Of Conscience1996
F 724Timewatch: Debutantes2001
TV 138Timewatch: Images of a Revolution1987
F 579Titicut Follies1967
TV 75To The World's End1986
DVD 807Tomorrow's Saturday1962
F 985Tomorrow's World2000
TV 135Tomorrow's World1986
TV 392Tomorrow's World1997
TV 397Tomorrow's World1997
DVD 1553Tongues Untied1989
TV 486Tonight: West Indians1963
F 795Touching the Void2003
DVD 904Tough Guise: violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity1999
DVD 552Tracking Down Maggie1994
TV 466Trading Races2002
TV 466Trading Races2002
DVD 1587Trap, The: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?2007
TV 365Tribute To Alastair Sim, A1995
TV 126Tribute to Hugh Carleton Green, A1987
F 582Triumph of the Will1935
TV 463True Stories: 100% White2000
TV 419True Stories: The Valley (Bloody Balkans)1999
F 124True Story of Lili Marlene, The1944
TV 102Truth About 60s TV, The2004
TV 442Truth About Television, The1998
TV 442Truth About Television, The1998
TV 442Truth About Television, The1998
TV 286TV Heaven 1960: Living For Kicks1960
TV 354TV: The Global Impact1991
F 713Twenty Four Hour Party People: The Factory Records Saga2002
TV 6Twenty-Twenty Vision: Dying of Shame1983
TR 135Two Voyages of Jacques Lecoq, The1999
F 750Undercover Britain: Hell on Wheels1995
DVD 1484Une Visite au Louvre2004
F 996Unforgettable Sid James, The2000
F 825Universal Horror1998
F 1097Unreported World: Saffron Warriors2002
DVD 807Vanishing Street, The1962
DVD 2423Varda By Agnes (Blu-ray)2019
DVD 1093Verdict on Auschwitz1993
DVD 1693Vernon, Florida1982
DVD 2264Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach2016
TV 160Viewpoint1975
DVD 1483Village2001
TV 459Virus of Violence
F 460Visions of Britain: A Modernist View1988
DVD 2108Visions of Change: The Evolution of the British TV Documentary1951-1967
TV 381Visions Of Heaven and Hell1994
TV 410Visions: Italy; The Image Business1984
TV 159Vita Futurista1987
DVD 1874Vivienne Dick1978
F 107Volunteer, The1943
F 768Waiting for Fidel1974
DVD 807Wakefield Express1952
F 1121Walk On By: the Story of Popular Song2001
F 894Walking With Dinosaurs1999
F 903Walking With Dinosaurs1999
DVD 35Walking With Dinosaurs1999
F 894Walking With Dinosaurs1999
F 894Walking With Dinosaurs1999
F 903Walking With Dinosaurs1999
DVD 1636Waltz With Bashir2008
DVD 1026War On Democracy, The2007
F 505Warhol's Cinema 1963-19681989
F 752Wartime Cinema Compilation - British National Culture1940
TV 603Watching Ourselves: 60 Years of TV in Scotland2012
TV 552Way It Was, The1996
DVD 1873We Are Northern Lights2013
F 121We Are The Lambeth Boys1960
DVD 807We Are The Lambeth Boys1959
F 256We Bring You Live Pictures1982
F 256We Bring You Live Pictures1982
F 256We Bring You Live Pictures1982
F 592Well Baby Clinic1985
TV 367What Did You Do In The War, Auntie?1995
TV 367What Did You Do In The War, Auntie?1995
TV 89What Do Those Old Films Mean? (Denmark)1985
F 213What Do Those Old Films Mean? (France)1985
F 218What Do those Old Films Mean? (Germany)1985
TV 89What Do Those Old Films Mean? (Great Britain)1985
TV 89What Do Those Old Films Mean? (USA)1985
F 218What Do those Old Films Mean? (USSR)1986
TV 487What Happened Next? (At The Edge Of The Union)2007
TV 344What Has Become of Us?1994
TV 171What They Telling Us It's Illegal For?1984
F 326What's on Channel 10, Hen?1987
F 686Wheeler On America1996
TV 463When Louis Met The Hamiltons2001
DVD 1555When The Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts2006
F 834When We Were Kings1996
F 368Whicker's World: Living With Waltzing Matilda1988
TV 147Whicker's World: Living with Waltzing Matilda1988
TV 163Whicker's World: Living With Waltzing Matilda1988
TV 577Who Killed The British Sitcom?2006
TR 36Who Pays the Piper? 1989
F 267Whoever Says The Truth Shall Die?1983
DVD 1446Why Be Good? Sexuality & Censorship in Early Cinema2007
F 146Why We Fight: Battle of Britain1940
F 150Why We Fight: Battle of Russia1944
F 145Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer1942
F 134Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike1942
F 148Why We Fight: War Comes to America1942
DVD 2153Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, The2004
TV 393Wildlife on One: The Crocodile (Extracts)1997
TV 96Window On The World: The Story of Europe's Television1986
F 743Windows On The World1997
TV 464Windrush: A New Generation1998
TV 464Windrush: Intolerance1998
DVD 698Wisconsin Death Trip1999
TR 11Without Walls : The Arts Under Thatcher1992
TV 386Without Walls: C4PD1996
TV 386Without Walls: C4PD1996
F 737Without Walls: Distilling Whisky Galore1990
TV 309Without Walls: The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl1993
TV 309Without Walls: The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl1993
TV 362Witness: Charles Manson1994
F 629Witness: The Making of an Englishman (Emeric Pressburger)1994
F 535Women Call The Shots: I Am An Ox, I Am A Horse, I Am A Man, I Am A Woman1990
F 321Women Call The Shots: Several Interviews on Personal Problems1979
F 321Women Call The Shots: Will You Go to the Ball?1987
F 1182Woodstock, 3 Days of Peace & Music1970
F 104Words For Battle1941
F 404Works, The: A Profile of Michael Grade1997
F 300World at War, The1975
F 647World At War, The1972
F 1004World At War, The1973
F 1010World At War, the1973
DVD 1354World At War, The1973
DVD 440World of Jacques Demy, The1995
TV 361World War II1994
DVD 1809World War II in Colour: Air War2001
DVD 1810World War II in Colour: Anchors Aweigh2001
DVD 1811World War II in Colour: Fuelling the Fire2001
F 359World, The: A Television History1985
F 1014You Don't Want To Do That2001
DVD 920Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait2006