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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 318Adam Adamant Lives1966
TV 63Adventures of Robin Hood, The1955
TV 337Adventures of Robin Hood, The1957
DVD 385Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
F 194Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
TV 337Adventures of William Tell, The1958
DVD 193Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
DVD 1477Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
F 544Alexander Nevsky1938
F 590Anna Karenina1935
F 625Becky Sharp1935
DVD 916Becky Sharp1935
DVD 2316Belle2014
F 891Between Wars1974
F 401Black Jack1979
DVD 1519Bleak House2005
F 1027Blood Feud1979
TV 20Brideshead Revisited1981
TV 337Buccaneers, The1957
F 900Caddie1976
GB 108Caesar and Cleopatra1945
TV 78Caesars, The1968
DVD 1848Call The Midwife2012
GB 78Cardboard Cavalier1949
F 235Careful He Might Hear You1983
F 701Casanova1918
GB 120Charge of the Light Brigade, The1968
F 300Chariots of Fire1981
DVD 684Chariots of Fire1981
F 56Chimes at Midnight1966
F 615Cinema Paradiso1989
F 718Cinema Paradiso (director's cut)1988
F 1080Circle of Friends1995
GB 17Comrades1986
DVD 2353Comrades (Blu-ray)1987
TV 172Corn is Green, The1945
F 959D'Ye Ken John Peel1948
TV 484Daniel Deronda2002
TV 484Daniel Deronda2002
TV 484Daniel Deronda2002
DVD 966Days of Glory2006
F 1Diary of a Chambermaid1964
DVD 1530Diary of a Chambermaid1964
GB 103Dick Turpin, Highwayman1956
DVD 2092Dickensian2015
F 635Dimples1936
TV 483Doctor Zhivago2002
TV 483Doctor Zhivago2002
TV 483Doctor Zhivago2002
DVD 1551Downton Abbey2010
GB 113Duelists, The1977
F 555Edward and Mrs Simpson1978
TV 156Edward the Seventh (VII)1975
F 1013Elizabeth1998
DVD 374Elizabeth1998
F 1198Elizabeth1998
TR 93Elizabeth I2005
TR 93Elizabeth I2005
TV 330Elizabeth R1971
DVD 964English Patient, The1996
TV 41Forsyte Saga, The1967
TV 507Forsyte Saga, The2002
DVD 1850Garrow's Law2009
F 941Getting Of Wisdom, The1977
GB 134Go-Between, The1971
GB 118Gone to Earth1950
DVD 125Gosford Park2001
F 746Gospel According to St Matthew, The1964
TV 165Great Expectations1946
DVD 169Great Expectations1946
TV 193Gunpowder, Treason and Plot2004
TV 193Gunpowder, Treason and Plot2004
TV 193Gunpowder, Treason and Plot2004
F 382Hail Mary (Je Vous Salue, Marie)1984
F 487Henry V1944
DVD 8Her Majesty Mrs Brown1997
DVD 1797House of Eliott, The1992
DVD 168House of Mirth, The2000
F 662Howards End1992
DVD 315Howards End1992
F 906Irishman, The1978
F 847Kolberg1945
DVD 1390Kolberg1945
TV 172Land of Hope1986
DVD 970Lawrence of Arabia1962
TV 54Lent1984
F 743Little Women1949
F 666Long Day Closes, The1992
F 697Lorna Doone1951
GB 55Lorna Doone1934
DVD 726Lorna Doone2000
F 1029Love and Anarchy1973
DVD 192Madame Bovary1991
F 18Madame Bovary1949
DVD 326Madame Bovary (BBC version)1975
F 947Madness of King George, The1994
DVD 1050Madness of King George, The1994
DVD 185Magdalene Sisters, The2002
F 38Magnificent Ambersons, The1942
DVD 1325Magnificent Ambersons, The1942
DVD 147Mallen Streak, The1979
F 515Man in the Iron Mask, The1998
F 984Mango Tree, The1977
TV 176Mansfield Park1983
DVD 166Mansfield Park1999
DVD 1514Mansfield Park1983
F 347Mary Reilly1996
TV 340Middlemarch1994
TV 232Monocled Mutineer, The1987
DVD 1070Monocled Mutineer, The1986
F 977Mrs Brown1997
F 938My Brilliant Career1979
DVD 409My Brilliant Career1979
F 914Ned Kelly1970
DVD 228Ned Kelly1970
DVD 237Ned Kelly2003
GB 11Nell Gwyn1934
F 954Nicholas Nickelby1947
TV 196Northanger Abbey1986
DVD 965Nowhere in Africa2001
DVD 169Oliver Twist1948
GB 155Oliver Twist1948
DVD 1783Oliver Twist2005
F 748Orlando1992
DVD 968Out of Africa1985
F 934Phar Lap1978
F 167Picnic at Hanging Rock1975
F 927Picnic At Hanging Rock1975
DVD 134Picnic at Hanging Rock1975
F 640Picture Of Dorian Gray, The1945
F 676Pink String And Sealing Wax1945
GB 19Pink String And Sealing Wax1945
F 734Pride and Prejudice1940
F 649Pride and Prejudice1995
TV 401Pride and Prejudice1995
DVD 754Pride and Prejudice1995
F 667Pride and Prejudice: From Page To Screen1995
GB 115Private Life of Henry VIII, The1933
F 1050Rat Pack, The1998
DVD 2114Return To Cranford2010
F 726Revolution1985
GB 32Revolution1985
DVD 1849Ripper Street2012
GB 58Robin and Marian1976
F 656Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves1991
F 706Scarlet Empress, The1934
F 686Scarlet Pimpernel, The1935
DVD 1439Scarlet Pimpernel, The1935
GB 51Sebastiane1976
DVD 2109Secret Agent, The2016
F 917Secrets1992
DVD 165Sense and Sensibility1995
TV 338Shoulder to Shoulder1974
TV 337Sir Francis Drake1961
F 939Sirens1994
DVD 121Sirens1994
DVD 1823South Riding2011
DVD 2090Spies of Warsaw2013
DVD 1851Suspicions of Mr Whicher, The; The Murder At Road Hill House2011
F 864Sword of Vengeance1972
F 740Tale of Two Cities, A1935
GB 85Tale of Two Cities, A1958
DVD 1443Tale of Two Cities, A1935
F 631Tartan Shorts: Latin For A Dark Room1994
TV 571Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The1996
GB 114That Hamilton Woman1941
F 292They Shoot Horses Don't They?1969
GB 46Three Musketeers, The1973
F 742Time of the Gypsies, The1989
GB 113Trials of Oscar Wilde, The1960
F 910Tudawali1987
F 53Under Capricorn1949
TV 519Upstairs Downstairs1971
TV 520Upstairs Downstairs1971
TV 521Upstairs Downstairs1972
F 183Upstairs, Downstairs1975
TV 67Upstairs, Downstairs1975
TV 314Upstairs, Downstairs1971
TV 148Vanity Fair1987
GB 126Victoria the Great1937
DVD 1432Victoria the Great1937
TV 274Virgin Queen, The2005
TV 274Virgin Queen, The2005
TV 274Virgin Queen, The2005
DVD 2082War and Peace2015
F 188We of the Never Never1982
F 557Where Angels Fear To Tread1991
DVD 2096Where Angels Fear To Tread1991
DVD 167Wings of the Dove1997
F 956Young Mr Pitt, The1942
GB 147Young Mr Pitt, The1942