Fulltext Search Options

The fulltext search takes input in much the same way as a Google search. Multiple words entered will be matched to words occuring anywhere in the title or comments fields of the record.

The search uses the MySQL's fulltext index. Words shorter than three characters will be ignored as will a range of commonly used words like 'and' and 'the' which are included in a 'stopword' list. These shorter words can, however, be included as part of a full title like 'A Shot in the Dark' if entered as a phrase. A phrase must be enclosed in quotes - "A Shot in the Dark" will find the film, but the same words entered as a sequence of words will not - due to the exclusion of the shorter words from the index. A search on 'shot' and 'dark' would also be successful.

If a single search term is entered it can also include a wildcard character. A search for 'dark*' will return 'dark', 'darkness', 'darker', 'Darko' etc.

Search terms entered are not case sensitive.

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