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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 78818601934
DVD 137619001977
DVD 1526A Bullet For The General1966
DVD 556Abbasso La Miseria1945
DVD 1597Ae Fond Kiss2004
DVD 580All'onorevole Piacciono le Donne1972
DVD 562Amici Miei1975
DVD 1713Angels' Share, The2012
DVD 1543Antichrist2009
TR 75Arena: The Theatre of Dario Fo0
TV 410Arena: The Theatre of Dario Fo1984
DVD 568Assunta Spina1914
F 855Bad Man's River1972
DVD 1102Barefoot Contessa, The1954
DVD 1051Battle of Algiers, The1966
DVD 1534Belle de Jour1967
DVD 1151Beyond the Clouds1995
F 383Bicycle Thieves1948
DVD 1159Bicycle Thieves1948
F 1036Big Deal on Madonna Street1958
F 993Bird With the Crystal Plummage, The1970
DVD 756Blackboards2000
F 1027Blood Feud1979
F 1134Bread and Roses2000
DVD 1596Bread and Roses2000
DVD 557C'erevamo Tanto Amati1974
DVD 352Cabiria1914
DVD 567Caccia Alla Volpe1966
DVD 1377Caligula1979
DVD 2420Call Me By Your Name2017
F 964Caltiki1959
DVD 388Cercle Rouge, Le1970
DVD 1684Certified Copy2009
F 154Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, The1968
DVD 1484Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, The1968
DVD 1918Chung Kuo China1972
F 615Cinema Paradiso1989
DVD 45Cinema Paradiso1988
DVD 2315Cinema Paradiso1988
F 718Cinema Paradiso (director's cut)1988
DVD 755Circle, The2000
DVD 2209Cold Mountain2003
F 520Conformist, The1970
F 963Conquest of Mycenae, The1962
DVD 1363Damned, The1969
F 111Day For Night1973
DVD 820Death In Venice1971
F 142Death in Venice (pt 1)1971
F 143Death in Venice (pt 2)1971
F 993Deep Red1975
F 1Diary of a Chambermaid1964
DVD 1530Diary of a Chambermaid1964
F 2Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1371Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1529Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
F 1034Divorce: Italian Style1961
DVD 1172Divorce: Italian Style1961
F 810Django1965
DVD 1525Django1965
F 957Django The Bastard1969
F 735Dolce Vita, La1960
DVD 566Don Camillo Monsignore...Ma Non Troppo1961
DVD 1542Downfall2004
DVD 1655Driver's Seat, The1974
F 412Eight and a Half (8½)1963
DVD 610En Avant La Musique1963
F 964Eroticist, The1971
DVD 2349Fear1954
F 957Fifth Cord, The1971
DVD 2259Fire at Sea2016
DVD 991Fistful of Dollars, A1964
F 994Five Dolls for an August Moon1970
F 967Four Flies On Grey Velvet1972
F 512Germany Year Zero1947
F 1089Gervaise1956
F 804Giant of Marathon, The1959
F 804Golden Balls1993
DVD 48Golden Balls1993
DVD 1135Golden Door2006
F 867Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The1966
DVD 125Gosford Park2001
F 746Gospel According to St Matthew, The1964
DVD 1199Goya en Burdeos1999
F 965Grand Duel, The1972
DVD 578Hawks and the Sparrows, The1964
DVD 239He Died With a Felafel in His Hand2001
DVD 542Hotel Rwanda2004
DVD 570House With Laughing Windows, The1976
DVD 553I Vitelloni1953
F 808Icicle Thief, The1989
DVD 571Il Compagno Don Camillo1965
DVD 1965Il Divo2008
DVD 558Il Postino (The Postman)1994
DVD 577Il Ritorno Di Don Camillo1953
DVD 2034It's A Free World2007
DVD 2232Italian Job, The2003
TV 145Italian Television : Soaps Compilation
DVD 561Johnny Stecchino1991
DVD 2349Journey (Voyage) to Italy1954
F 965Keoma1976
DVD 1527Keoma1976
F 744L'Avventura1959
DVD 554L'Onorevole Angelina1947
DVD 1052La Chartreuse de Parme1947
DVD 611La Loi, C'est La Loi1958
DVD 559La Notte1961
DVD 397La Strada1954
F 846Land And Freedom1995
DVD 1597Land And Freedom1995
DVD 1645Las 13 Rosas2007
DVD 363Last Days of Pompeii, The1913
F 900Last Tango In Paris, The1972
F 309Last Year In Marienbad1961
DVD 1044Last Year In Marienbad1961
F 52Le Boucher1969
DVD 1167Le Fate Ignoranti2000
DVD 941Libertarias1996
DVD 1386Life is a Miracle2004
DVD 563Life Is Beautiful1997
F 1029Love and Anarchy1973
F 963Maciste In Hell1961
DVD 555Matrimonio All'Italiana1964
TR 6Medea1970
F 809Mediterraneo1992
TR 48Midsummer Night's Dream, A1999
F 6Milky Way, The1968
DVD 1528Milky Way, The1968
F 1035Mon Oncle1958
DVD 865Mon Oncle1958
DVD 1165Monday Morning2002
DVD 87Monsoon Wedding2001
GB 104Monte Carlo or Bust1969
F 1026Night Full of Rain1978
F 962Night Of The Doomed1965
F 921Night Porter, The1973
DVD 661Nora1999
F 342Nostalgia1983
F 745Oedipus Rex (Edipo Re)1967
DVD 1783Oliver Twist2005
DVD 710Once Upon A Time In America1984
F 897Once Upon A Time In The West1969
TV 141Ossessione1942
F 511Paisà (pt 1)1946
F 512Paisà (pt 2)1946
DVD 2240Playtime1967
F 810Ringo and His Golden Pistol1965
F 101Riso Amaro1949
F 788Rocco and His Brothers1960
F 510Rome, Open City1945
DVD 1043Rome, Open City1945
F 1079Romeo and Juliet1968
DVD 2253Salt of the Earth, The2014
DVD 593Salvatore Giuliano1961
DVD 1359Satyricon1968
DVD 1143Secret Ballot2001
F 409Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein, The1987
F 1028Seduction of Mimi, the1972
DVD 611Sénéchal le Magnifique1956
DVD 569Seven Beauties1975
F 687Sheltering Sky, The1990
DVD 1484Sicilia!1998
DVD 1667Silence of Lorna, The2008
DVD 1179Silk2007
F 830Spider's Stratagem, The1970
DVD 565Star Maker, The1995
DVD 1545Star Maker, The1995
TV 462Storyville: Closing Down2001
DVD 2349Stromboli1950
F 1030Summer Night1987
DVD 1160Summer Things2002
DVD 2099Suspiria1977
F 1031Swept Away1974
F 994Tenebre1982
F 728Theorem1968
DVD 1148Tickets2005
DVD 2158Time of the Gypsies1988
F 159Tout Va Bien1972
DVD 1400Train, The1964
F 1033Tree of Wooden Clogs, The1978
DVD 1085Tree of Wooden Clogs, The1978
F 55Trial, The1962
F 5Tristana1970
DVD 1531Tristana1970
DVD 1230Tropical Malady (AKA Sud pralad)2004
DVD 395Ulysses' Gaze1995
DVD 797Umberto D1952
F 972Une Femme Est Une Femme1961
F 128Unfaithfuls, The1960
DVD 573Uno Strano Tipo1963
F 962Vengeance1968
TV 410Visions: Italy; The Image Business1984
F 128Voyage to Italy1953
F 1163Weekend1967
DVD 560Weekend1967
F 1032Where the Hot Wind Blows1958
F 964Whip and The Flesh, The1963
DVD 1381White Ribbon, The2009
F 102White Sheik, The1951
F 967Who Saw Her Die?1971
DVD 1610Women Without Men2009
DVD 564Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow1963
DVD 1719Zombie Flesh Eaters1979