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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 202828 Weeks Later2007
DVD 2146A Journey Through The Other Latin American Cinema (Cine A Contracorriente)2010
DVD 1597Ae Fond Kiss2004
DVD 530All About My Mother1999
F 1056Ay Carmela1990
DVD 927Ay Carmela1990
DVD 533Bad Education2004
F 1119Bad Education2004
F 855Bad Man's River1972
DVD 1653Balada Triste de Trompeta (AKA The Last Circus)2010
F 1069Belle Epoque1992
DVD 1612Belle Epoque1992
DVD 1648Bienvenido Mister Marshall1953
DVD 1643Blind Sunflowers, The AKA Los Girasoles Ciegos2008
DVD 1988Blue is the Warmest Colour2013
DVD 2271Bourne Ultimatum, The2007
F 1134Bread and Roses2000
DVD 1596Bread and Roses2000
DVD 931Buñuel Y La Mesa del Rey Salomón2001
DVD 1597Carla's Song1996
F 56Chimes at Midnight1966
F 57Confidential Report1955
DVD 100Confidential Report1955
F 1054Cria Cuervos1975
TR 68Dance Improvisation1993
DVD 938Devil's Backbone, The (El Espinazo del Diablo)2002
F 399Disappearance of Garcia Lorca, The1997
F 2Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1371Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1529Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
F 810Django1965
DVD 1525Django1965
F 1055Dragon Rapide1986
DVD 936El Año de las Luces1986
DVD 930El Viaje de Carol2002
DVD 1644Elisa, Vida Mía1977
DVD 773España Otra Vez (Spain Again)1969
DVD 2177Even The Rain2010
DVD 1142Familia Rodante2004
DVD 991Fistful of Dollars, A1964
F 804Golden Balls1993
DVD 48Golden Balls1993
DVD 2276Golden Dream, The2013
DVD 1199Goya en Burdeos1999
DVD 1158Guantanamera1995
DVD 1647Guerreros AKA Warriors2002
DVD 2427Headless Woman, The2008
DVD 1150Historias Mínimas2002
F 178Honeymoon1959
DVD 2034It's A Free World2007
F 809Jamon Jamon1992
DVD 1071Japón2002
F 1L'Age d'Or1930
F 223La Caza (The Hunt)1966
DVD 772La Luz Prodigiosa (The End of a Mystery)2002
F 846Land And Freedom1995
F 1069Land and Freedom1995
DVD 1597Land And Freedom1995
DVD 1645Las 13 Rosas2007
TV 243Las Hurdes : Terre Sans Pain (Tierra sin pan)1932
DVD 941Libertarias1996
DVD 529Live Flesh1997
DVD 926Lorca: Muerte de un Poeta1987
TR 86M.T.M.1996
DVD 746Machinist, The2004
DVD 1974Magnificent Showman1964
TR 104Manes1996
DVD 1387Maradona by Kusturica2008
DVD 2178Mataharis2007
DVD 1596Navigators, The2001
DVD 1861Nostalgia For The Light2010
DVD 2154Olive Tree, The2016
DVD 1141One Day In Europe2005
DVD 1164Only Human2004
DVD 1200Orphanage, The2007
DVD 1646Pan Negro AKA Black Bread2010
DVD 919Pan's Labyrinth2006
DVD 1170Pot Luck2002
F 810Ringo and His Golden Pistol1965
DVD 774Si Te Dicen Que Caí (If They Tell You I Fell...)1992
DVD 929Silencio Roto (Broken Silence)2001
DVD 762Soldados de Salamina2003
F 1055Spirit of the Beehive1973
DVD 1431Spirit of the Beehive1973
F 1030Summer Night1987
DVD 2179Take My Eyes2003
DVD 531Talk to Her2002
DVD 532Tie Me Up Tie Me Down1990
F 5Tristana1970
DVD 1531Tristana1970
F 1056Vacas1991
DVD 81Vacas1991
DVD 523Vampyros Lesbos1970
DVD 2199Vanilla Sky2001
DVD 1140Vengo2000
DVD 937Visionarios2001
DVD 771Viva La Muerte (Long Live Death)1970
DVD 1197Volver2006
DVD 509What Have I Done To Deserve This?1984
DVD 1149Whisky2004
F 758Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown1988
DVD 47Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown1988
DVD 440World of Jacques Demy, The1995
DVD 2419XXY2007
DVD 1287Young Soul Rebels1991