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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TR 14319801984
DVD 2251Adventures of Prince Achmed, The1926
DVD 1597Ae Fond Kiss2004
DVD 2203American Pie: The Wedding2004
DVD 1543Antichrist2009
DVD 1408Asphalt1929
DVD 2211Asta Nielsen1910-1919
DVD 1819Au Revoir Taipei2010
DVD 1201Baader Meinhof Complex, The2008
TV 495Baader Meinhof: In Love With Terror2002
DVD 2Berlin, Symphony of a Great City1927
TR 146Berliner Ensemble Documentary1996
DVD 1151Beyond the Clouds1995
F 1111Black Cat White Cat1998
DVD 1385Black Cat White Cat1998
TV 162Black Forest Clinic1985
TR 130Blaubart: Beim Anhoren einer Tonbandaufnahme von Bela Bartok's Oper1984
DVD 972Blood Diamond2006
F 373Blue Angel, The1930
DVD 1414Blue Angel, The1930
DVD 2269Bourne Identity, The2002
DVD 2270Bourne Supremacy, The2004
DVD 2271Bourne Ultimatum, The2007
F 1134Bread and Roses2000
DVD 1596Bread and Roses2000
TR 123Brecht: Denken Heisst Veraendern1998
TR 122Brecht: Love, Revolution and Other Dangerous Things1998
DVD 2116Bridge of Spies2015
DVD 437Buena Vista Social Club1999
F 1105Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The1919
DVD 1396Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The1919
TR 35Cafe Muller1985
DVD 1097Cafe Muller1985
F 770Calendar1993
DVD 1597Carla's Song1996
DVD 969Casino Royale2006
DVD 1153Cave of the Yellow Dog, The2005
DVD 1248Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen2004
DVD 1633Dancing Dreams2010
DVD 1394Der Golem1920
DVD 1710Der Schöne Tag (A Fine Day)2001
TR 146Der Unhaufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui1996
F 204Diary of a Lost Girl1929
DVD 1407Diary of a Lost Girl1929
TR 128Die Klage der Kaiserin1989
TV 431Die Zweite Heimat1993
F 331Doctor Mabuse, The Gambler (pt 1)1922
DVD 2183Dodgeball2004
DVD 1557Double Take2009
DVD 401Down With Love2003
DVD 1542Downfall2004
DVD 1133Edge of Heaven, The2006
F 760Enemy at the Gates2001
F 1168Enigma2001
TV 224Eurocops1987
DVD 1142Familia Rodante2004
DVD 2051Fantastic 4 (Blu-ray)2005
DVD 2052Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Blu-ray)2007
F 1103Fight Club1999
DVD 1255Fight Club1999
TR 107Fräulein Julie1992
DVD 1483From The Reports Of Security Guards And Patrol Services Nos 1, 5 & 81984
F 807Gangster No. 12000
F 1107Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai1999
DVD 1540Ghost, The2010
DVD 2076Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The2009
DVD 1845Gob Squad: Kitchen (You've Never Had It So Good)2007
DVD 1845Gob Squad: Super Night Shot2003
DVD 1188Godbye Lenin!2003
DVD 125Gosford Park2001
DVD 1158Guantanamera1995
TR 120Hamletmaschine1986
DVD 1730Hanna2011
DVD 1483Hannelore Mabry - A Portrait2005
DVD 1511Hans Westmar1933
DVD 896Head On2004
DVD 73Hedwig and the Angry Inch2001
TV 426Heimat1984
TV 426Heimat1984
TV 427Heimat1984
TV 427Heimat1984
TV 427Heimat1984
TV 428Heimat1984
TV 428Heimat1984
TV 429Heimat1984
TV 429Heimat1984
TV 430Heimat1984
TV 430Heimat1984
DVD 1508Hitler Youth Quex (Hitlerjunge Quex)1933
F 1000Hitler's Henchmen: Goebbels2000
TV 441Hitler: The Private Man2000
DVD 2171Hollow Man2000
TV 436Holocaust1978
DVD 168House of Mirth, The2000
DVD 1663Hunter, The2010
DVD 1491I Don't Just Want You To Love Me1993
DVD 1146I for India2005
TR 160I Was Hamlet1993
DVD 1237I'm Not There2007
DVD 2218I, Robot2004
DVD 370In July2000
DVD 1962In The Fog2012
DVD 1483In The Midst Of The Malestream2005
DVD 1405Inglourious Basterds2009
DVD 2034It's A Free World2007
DVD 2168Jarhead2005
F 1128Joyless Street, The1925
DVD 1108Joyless Street, The1925
DVD 1406Joyless Street, The1925
DVD 1419Kameradschaft1931
DVD 2234King Kong2005
DVD 543Kingdom, The1994
DVD 812Kinsey2004
F 847Kolberg1945
DVD 1390Kolberg1945
TR 166Körper2000
TV 609Kraftwerk: Pop Art2013
F 201Kuhle Wampe1931
DVD 1420La Marseillaise1938
F 846Land And Freedom1995
F 1069Land and Freedom1995
DVD 1597Land And Freedom1995
DVD 1409Last Laugh, The1924
F 329Last Laugh, The (pt 1)1924
F 330Last Laugh, The (pt 2)1924
TR 130Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring)1998
DVD 1973League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The2003
DVD 1483Liberators Take Liberties1991
DVD 1556Little Dieter Needs To Fly1998
DVD 988Lives of Others, The2006
DVD 373Lola and Bilidikid1999
F 449M1931
DVD 464M1931
F 674Mädchen in Uniform1931
DVD 1709Marseille2004
F 1156Maybe, Maybe Not (AKA Most Desired Man AKA Der Bewegte Mann)1994
DVD 1247Me Without You2001
F 377Metropolis1927
F 434Metropolis1927
DVD 656Metropolis1927
TR 117Meyerhold's Theatre and Biomechanics1999
DVD 1703Milchwald2003
DVD 1483Mother Beast - Mother Human1998
TR 114Mother Courage1960
DVD 874Motorcycle Diaries, The2004
DVD 1393Münchhausen1943
DVD 68Murderers Are Among Us, The1946
DVD 1482My Best Fiend1999
DVD 1293My Brother's Wedding1983
DVD 1113Naked Among Wolves1963
DVD 1596Navigators, The2001
DVD 1617Net, The2003
DVD 36Night On Earth1991
DVD 661Nora1999
DVD 1541Nosferatu1922
DVD 1861Nostalgia For The Light2010
DVD 965Nowhere in Africa2001
F 445Old Heidelberg1927
DVD 2154Olive Tree, The2016
DVD 1141One Day In Europe2005
DVD 2Opus 11922
F 953Pandora's Box1928
DVD 1634Pina2011
TR 129Pina Bausch and ballet in Germany (PB und das Ballet in Deutschland)1998
TR 129Pina Bausch and Her Dancers1990
TR 132Pioniere in Ingolstadt2002
DVD 1700Plug and Pray2010
TR 165Portrait (Porträt - Querschnitt)
F 302Protest Wofur: Underground Cinema New York1987
DVD 2078Rabbit Is Me, The (Das Kaninchen bin ich)1965
DVD 1220Reader, The2008
DVD 456Rules of Attraction, The2002
TV 168Run Lola Run1998
DVD 18Run Lola Run1998
DVD 1950Rush2013
DVD 1950Rush2013
DVD 782Russian Ark2002
DVD 1510S. A. Mann Brand1933
F 1187Sankofa1993
DVD 2115Sherlock Holmes2009
DVD 975Shooting Dogs2005
DVD 1859Silence2011
DVD 1667Silence of Lorna, The2008
F 1083Sleepy Hollow1999
DVD 1329Snakes On A Plane2006
DVD 1706Sonnenstrahl1933
DVD 2196Southland Tales2006
DVD 1539Speed Racer2008
DVD 2123Stations of the Cross2014
DVD 1426Storm2009
DVD 1166Story of the Weeping Camel, The2003
F 1096Suzhou River2000
DVD 34Tango Lesson, The1996
TR 155Tanztheater '93: Spielarten am Stadttheater (The Range in the City Theatres)1994
DVD 1509Television Under the Swastika1999
DVD 331Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2003
TR 171The Farewell2000
F 582Triumph of the Will1935
DVD 1230Tropical Malady (AKA Sud pralad)2004
DVD 1319Trouble Every Day2001
DVD 1422True North2006
F 805Underground1995
DVD 1384Underground1995
F 812Until The End of The World1991
F 39Vampyr1932
DVD 1093Verdict on Auschwitz1993
DVD 1483Village2001
TR 131Von Morgens Bis Mittelnachts
DVD 1636Waltz With Bashir2008
TR 120Waltzer1982
TR 165Wendewut1993
DVD 1149Whisky2004
DVD 1381White Ribbon, The2009
DVD 1033Wilde1997
F 1156Winter Sleepers AKA Winterschläfer1997
DVD 1610Women Without Men2009
F 760Wonder Boys2000
DVD 2228Wonder Boys2000
DVD 1704Yella2007
DVD 1287Young Soul Rebels1991
DVD 2243Zoolander2001