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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 187A Dangerous Summer1982
F 976Act of Necessity1991
TR 157Adelaide Festival of Arts 19821982
F 909Admission Impossible1992
TV 322Admission Impossible1992
F 698Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The1972
DVD 407Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The1972
DVD 1997Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The1994
F 907Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The1994
DVD 106All The Rivers Run1983
TR 161Amiable Conqueror, The: Dancing at the Courts of Europe1991
F 526An Exercise in Discipline - Peel1982
F 416Annie's Coming Out1984
F 1002As Time Goes By1988
F 945Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore2000
TV 432Australia: Beyond the Fatal Shore2000
F 946Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore2000
F 949Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore2000
F 948Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore (pt 5)2000
F 948Australia: Beyond The Fatal Shore (pt 6)2000
TV 261Australian Television Compilation1991
DVD 84Babe1995
DVD 110Babe: Pig in the City1998
F 895Babe: The Gallant Pig1995
F 918Back of Beyond1995
TV 430Backlash1986
F 514Backroads1977
F 1174Bad Boy Bubby1993
DVD 240Bank, The2001
DVD 226Barry McKenzie Holds His Own1974
DVD 194Beneath Clouds2002
F 891Between Wars1974
DVD 1081Black and White2002
DVD 96Blackfellas1993
DVD 279Blackrock1997
F 931Bliss1985
DVD 130Blue Fire Lady1983
F 1002Blue Heelers1995
TV 65Boy in the Bush, The1983
TV 65Boy in the Bush, The1983
TV 65Boy in the Bush, The1983
F 539Boys From the Bush, The1990
F 945Boys, The1998
F 493Breaker Morant1980
DVD 101Breaker Morant1980
TV 184Buddies1983
F 592Bush Medicine1984
F 929Cactus1986
DVD 914Cactus1986
F 900Caddie1976
F 75Call Me Mister1986
DVD 1056Candy2005
F 235Careful He Might Hear You1983
DVD 119Cars That Ate Paris, The1974
F 923Cassandra1986
DVD 280Cassandra1986
F 990Castle, The1997
F 934Cathy's Child1978
F 669Celia: Child of Terror1988
F 574Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The1978
DVD 88Chopper2000
F 928Club, The1980
DVD 502Club, The1980
F 717Coca-Cola Kid, The1985
TR 168Cockstars: Puppetry of the Penis2002
F 939Compo1988
TR 115Cosi1996
TV 94Country Practice, A1986
F 1022Criminal Justice1996
F 910Crocodile Dundee1986
DVD 1813Crocodile Dundee1986
DVD 1813Crocodile Dundee II1988
DVD 95Crossing, The1990
F 996Cry in The Dark, A1988
DVD 278Cubby House2001
DVD 241Custodian, The1993
F 1169Daydream Believer1992
DVD 897Daydream Believer1992
DVD 491Dead Heart1996
F 940Dead Letter Office1997
DVD 500Dead Letter Office1998
DVD 99Death in Brunswick1991
DVD 1265December Boys2006
F 206Devil's Playground, The1976
F 481Dirtwater Dynasty, The1988
DVD 105Dish, The2000
F 669Dogs In Space1986
DVD 225Don's Party1976
F 468Eleventh Hour: Serious Undertakings1983
DVD 195Emerald City1988
F 940Far East1982
F 935Fast Talking1983
F 925Father1989
F 1098Fistful Of Flies, A1996
F 469Flying Doctors, The1987
F 415Flying Doctors, The1986
F 443Flying Doctors, The1987
F 473Flying Doctors, The1987
F 475Flying Doctors, The1987
F 496Flying Doctors, The1987
F 584Fran1985
DVD 404Fringe Dwellers, The1986
F 117Gallipoli1981
DVD 133Gallipoli1981
F 941Getting Of Wisdom, The1977
F 925Ghosts of the Civil Dead1988
DVD 107Ghosts of the Civil Dead1988
DVD 114Golden Braid1990
F 892Good Wife, The1986
F 937Grievous Bodily Harm1988
DVD 131Grievous Bodily Harm1988
DVD 239He Died With a Felafel in His Hand2001
F 1125Head On2000
F 651Heartbreak High1994
F 993Heartbreak High1994
F 1002Heartbreak High1994
TV 441Heartbreak High1994
TV 441Heartbreak High1994
F 1004Heartbreak Kid, The1993
F 932Heatwave1981
F 1010Heaven's Burning1997
F 468Heroes, The1989
DVD 128High Tide1987
F 471Home and Away1988
F 477Home and Away1988
F 555Home and Away1992
TV 175Home and Away1991
TV 236Home and Away1988
DVD 519Hotel Sorrento1995
F 592How The West Was Lost1987
F 932Howling 3: The Marsupials1987
DVD 97Idiot Box1996
DVD 911In The Cut2003
DVD 103In The Winter Dark1998
F 906Irishman, The1978
DVD 510Japanese Story2003
F 1203Jedda1955
DVD 503Jedda1955
DVD 1063Jindabyne2006
DVD 98Kangaroo1986
DVD 1115Kenny2006
F 932Kid Stakes, The1927
F 323Killing of Angel Street, The1981
DVD 1956King's Speech, The2010
F 1019Kiss or Kill1997
TV 172Land of Hope1986
DVD 190Lantana2001
F 903Last Days Of Chez Nous, The1992
F 924Last Wave, The1977
F 1170Lizard King, The1987
F 922Lonely Hearts1981
TV 428Long Weekend, the1978
DVD 1057Long Weekend, the1978
DVD 505Looking For Alibrandi2000
DVD 112Love in Limbo1993
DVD 111Love Serenade1996
F 1172Mad Max1979
F 598Mad Max 21981
F 971Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome1985
F 491Malcolm1986
DVD 513Malcolm1986
F 593Man From Snowy River, The1982
F 492Man of Flowers1983
F 984Mango Tree, The1977
DVD 2298Mary and Max2009
TR 159Masterpiece: Paul Mercurio-Life's Burning Desire1992
TV 441Matter of Convenience, A1987
DVD 489Metal Skin1994
TR 159Mimi - An Evening with Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre1988
F 248Money Movers1978
F 912Mortgage1989
DVD 235Moulin Rouge2001
F 935Mouth To Mouth1978
F 483Moving Out1982
F 892Muriel's Wedding1994
DVD 83Muriel's Wedding1994
F 938My Brilliant Career1979
DVD 409My Brilliant Career1979
F 1173My Mother Frank2000
F 914Ned Kelly1970
DVD 237Ned Kelly2003
F 414Neighbours1987
F 451Neighbours1988
F 482Neighbours1988
F 1036Neighbours2001
F 534Neighbours1988
F 650Neighbours1989
F 685Neighbours1995
F 987Neighbours2000
F 853Neighbours1999
F 906Neighbours2000
TV 110Neighbours1985
TV 190Neighbours1987
TV 238Neighbours1988
TV 255Neighbours1989
TV 265Neighbours1989
TV 295Neighbours1991
TV 369Neighbours1995
TV 434Neighbours2000
TV 444Neighbours2000
F 640Neighbours2002
F 818Neighbours2004
TV 189Neighbours2000
F 354Neighbours (extract)2006
F 514Newsfront1978
DVD 132Newsfront1978
F 592Ngurunderi: A Ngarrindjeri Dreaming1987
F 669Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy1989
F 1000Night The Prowler, The1978
F 976Nirvana Street Murder1990
DVD 504Nostradamus Kid, The1993
TR 156Ochres1996
DVD 238Odd Angry Shot, The1979
F 992Olive1987
F 902On The Beach1959
DVD 405On The Beach1959
F 933On The Run1982
DVD 248One Night the Moon2001
DVD 882Oyster Farmer2004
F 554Paper Man, The1990
F 175Paradise Beach1993
F 518Passion1999
F 711Paws1994
DVD 1059Peaches2004
DVD 496Peter Weir: Short Film Collection1969-1972
F 934Phar Lap1978
DVD 102Phar Lap: The People's Champion2001
F 785Piano, The1992
DVD 470Piano, The1992
F 167Picnic at Hanging Rock1975
F 927Picnic At Hanging Rock1975
DVD 134Picnic at Hanging Rock1975
F 285Plumber, The1978
TV 272Police Rescue1990
TV 479Pommies1997
TR 160Praying Mantis Dreaming1992
F 465Prisoner: Cell Block H1979
F 491Prisoner: Cell Block H1979
F 897Proof1991
DVD 403Proof1991
DVD 113Puberty Blues1981
DVD 129Rabbit-Proof Fence2002
F 1173Radiance1998
DVD 271Radiance1998
F 594Razorback1983
DVD 2440Razorback1984
F 924Reckless Kelly1993
TV 200Relatives1985
F 943Return Home1990
DVD 406Return Home1990
F 464Richmond Hill1988
TV 229Richmond Hill1988
F 927Rikky and Pete1988
F 911Romper Stomper1992
DVD 221Romper Stomper1992
DVD 227Russian Doll2001
DVD 1064Sample People2000
DVD 1954Samson and Delilah2010
F 926Season Of Passion1959
F 896Secret Country, The1985
TV 322Secret Country, The: The First Australians Fight Back1985
DVD 149Secret Life of Us, The2000
DVD 149Secret Life of Us, The2000
DVD 149Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 150Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 150Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 150Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 151Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 151Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 151Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 152Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 152Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 152Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 153Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 153Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 153Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 154Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 154Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 154Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 155Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 155Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 155Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 155Secret Life of Us, The2001
DVD 338Secret Life of Us, The2002
DVD 339Secret Life of Us, The2002
DVD 340Secret Life of Us, The2002
DVD 963Secret Life Of Us, The2003
F 917Secrets1992
F 943Sentimental Bloke, The1932
F 1172Settlement, The1983
F 933Shadows of the Peacock1987
F 479Shame1987
F 937Shimmering Light1978
F 905Shine1996
DVD 92Shine1996
F 1169Siam Sunset1999
DVD 493Silent Partner2001
F 939Sirens1994
DVD 121Sirens1994
DVD 292Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo1966-1968
DVD 276Snapshot1979
F 916Soap Down Under1991
TV 272Soap Down Under1990
DVD 845Somersault2004
TV 27Sons and Daughters1982
DVD 1539Speed Racer2008
F 895Spotswood1992
DVD 275Spotswood1992
F 911Stan and George's New Life1990
F 490Starstruck1982
DVD 109Stone1974
F 929Storm Boy1976
DVD 521Strange Bedfellows2004
F 592Stranger in Town1986
DVD 89Strictly Ballroom1992
F 205Strikebound1983
TV 94Sullivans, The1977
DVD 272Sullivans, The1976
DVD 272Sullivans, The1977
F 1174Sum of Us, The1994
F 1170Summerfield1977
F 312Sunday Too Far Away1975
DVD 108Sunday Too Far Away1975
F 928Sundowners, The1953
F 968Surfer, The1988
F 1171Surfer, The1988
DVD 257Survivor, The1980
F 583Sweetie1989
DVD 1068Sweetie1989
TR 169Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony2000
F 584Sylvania Waters1992
DVD 947Ten Canoes2006
F 901Ten Quid Tourists1985
F 912Tender Hooks1989
F 914They're A Weird Mob 1966
DVD 1058Thirst1979
DVD 1082Till Human Voices Wake Us2002
F 931Timewatch: Aborigine A Collision Of Conscience1996
DVD 1834Top of the Lake2012
TV 255Town Like Alice, A1980
DVD 232Tracker, The2002
F 916Travelling North1986
DVD 501True Love and Chaos1997
F 992True Story of Damien Parer, The1988
F 910Tudawali1987
DVD 274Turkey Shoot1981
DVD 2185Two Weeks Notice2002
F 969Waiting1990
DVD 233Walkabout1971
DVD 537Walking on Water2002
DVD 1636Waltz With Bashir2008
DVD 1026War On Democracy, The2007
F 188We of the Never Never1982
F 592Well Baby Clinic1985
DVD 1066West2006
F 969Where The Green Ants Dream1984
F 368Whicker's World: Living With Waltzing Matilda1988
TV 147Whicker's World: Living with Waltzing Matilda1988
TV 163Whicker's World: Living With Waltzing Matilda1988
F 1171Wilde's Domain1982
F 930Winds Of Jarrah, The1978
F 492Winter of Our Dreams1981
DVD 836Wolf Creek2005
F 131Women of the Sun1982
TV 323Women of the Sun1982
TV 323Women of the Sun1982
TV 324Women of the Sun1982
TV 324Women of the Sun1982
TR 60Woyzeck1987
TV 101Year of Living Dangerously, The1982
DVD 273Yolngu Boy2001
TV 272Young Doctors, The1974
F 894Young Einstein1988
F 585Zombie Brigade1988