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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 168610 On Ten2004
DVD 78711'09"01 September 112002
DVD 137619001977
DVD 1092400 Blows, The1959
DVD 1078A Bout de Souffle (Breathless)1960
F 459A Bout de Souffle (extract only)1960
DVD 69À Ma Soeur!2001
F 1142À Ma Soeur!2001
DVD 1620A Man Escaped1956
DVD 354À Nous La Liberté1931
DVD 2393About Elly2009
DVD 1260Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The1964
DVD 530All About My Mother1999
DVD 580All'onorevole Piacciono le Donne1972
DVD 1938Almost Brothers2004
DVD 1713Angels' Share, The2012
DVD 1543Antichrist2009
DVD 788Apple, The1997
DVD 1388Arizona Dream1993
DVD 872At Five In The Afternoon2003
DVD 1039Atonement2007
DVD 1295Au Hasard Balthazar1966
DVD 1201Baader Meinhof Complex, The2008
F 765Bab El-Oued City1994
DVD 971Babel2006
F 855Bad Man's River1972
DVD 1653Balada Triste de Trompeta (AKA The Last Circus)2010
DVD 973Bamako2006
DVD 1606Beaches of Agnes, The2008
DVD 781Beau Travail1998
DVD 1374Beauty and the Beast, The (La belle et la bête)1946
DVD 1534Belle de Jour1967
F 1069Belle Epoque1992
DVD 1612Belle Epoque1992
DVD 475Belleville Rendez-Vous2003
F 614Betty Blue1986
DVD 1151Beyond the Clouds1995
F 262Bitter Victory1957
F 1111Black Cat White Cat1998
DVD 1385Black Cat White Cat1998
DVD 1382Blood of a Poet, The1930
DVD 1398Blood of a Poet, The1930
DVD 1278Blue Gate Crossing2002
DVD 1988Blue is the Warmest Colour2013
F 382Book of Mary, The (Le Livre De Marie)1984
DVD 2271Bourne Ultimatum, The2007
F 1134Bread and Roses2000
DVD 1596Bread and Roses2000
F 1140Bridget Jones's Diary2001
DVD 122Bridget Jones's Diary2001
DVD 437Buena Vista Social Club1999
DVD 2420Call Me By Your Name2017
DVD 1789Captain Corelli's Mandolin2001
DVD 967Catch a Fire2006
DVD 388Cercle Rouge, Le1970
DVD 1684Certified Copy2009
TV 243Charlotte et son Jules1958
F 297Chateauvallon1984
TV 119Chateauvallon1987
DVD 1118Child, The (L'Enfant)2005
F 1197Chronique d'un été AKA Chronicle of a Summer1961
F 1180Cidade de Deus (City of God)2002
DVD 928Cidade de Deus (City of God)2002
F 615Cinema Paradiso1989
DVD 45Cinema Paradiso1988
DVD 2315Cinema Paradiso1988
F 718Cinema Paradiso (director's cut)1988
DVD 1661Circumstance2011
DVD 1669Claim, The2000
F 985Class de Neige, La1998
DVD 1315Cleo From 5 to 71961
DVD 1343Climates (aka Iklimler)2006
DVD 808Code Unknown2000
DVD 609Coiffeur Pour Dames1952
DVD 100Confidential Report1955
F 520Conformist, The1970
F 963Conquest of Mycenae, The1962
F 822Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The1989
DVD 299Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The1989
F 862Cyclo1995
DVD 1812Da Vinci Code, The2006
F 375Daguerreotypes1979
DVD 596Dans Ma Peau (In My Skin)2002
DVD 2266Dawn of the Dead2004
F 111Day For Night1973
F 1011Day of the Jackal, The1973
DVD 1328Day of the Jackal, The1973
DVD 966Days of Glory2006
DVD 579De Hollywood A Tamanrasset1989
DVD 384Death and the Maiden1994
DVD 820Death In Venice1971
TV 567Death on the Staircase2004
DVD 2332Death Watch (Blu-ray)1980
F 264Detective1985
DVD 2249Dheepan2015
F 1Diary of a Chambermaid1964
DVD 1530Diary of a Chambermaid1964
F 2Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1371Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1529Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
F 735Dolce Vita, La1960
DVD 566Don Camillo Monsignore...Ma Non Troppo1961
F 1041Doom Generation, The1995
DVD 785Double Life of Veronique, The1991
DVD 1735Empire of the Passions (Ai No Borei)1978
DVD 610En Avant La Musique1963
F 964Eroticist, The1971
DVD 494Etre et Avoir2002
DVD 2177Even The Rain2010
DVD 1132Exils (aka Exiles)2004
DVD 786Fantômas1913
F 34Fedora1978
DVD 211Fifth Element, The1997
DVD 2259Fire at Sea2016
DVD 594Five Obstructions, The2003
F 967Four Flies On Grey Velvet1972
F 264Four Minutes: Skyscraper1986
F 162France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 162France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 162France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 163France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 163France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 163France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 164France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 164France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 165France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 165France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 166France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 166France Tour Détour (Deux Enfants)1977
F 1106French Cancan1955
DVD 2147Frost/Nixon2008
DVD 1138Gadjo Dilo1997
F 873Gazon Maudit1995
F 1089Gendarme de Saint Tropez, Le1964
F 512Germany Year Zero1947
F 1089Gervaise1956
F 1107Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai1999
DVD 1540Ghost, The2010
F 804Giant of Marathon, The1959
DVD 2430Girlhood2014
DVD 443Gleaners and I, The2000
DVD 1317Gleaners and I, The2000
F 804Golden Balls1993
DVD 48Golden Balls1993
DVD 1135Golden Door2006
DVD 2086Goodbye to Language2014
F 746Gospel According to St Matthew, The1964
F 96Goût des Autres, Le2000
F 965Grand Duel, The1972
DVD 1147Grand Voyage, Le2004
DVD 1379Great Writers: Jean Cocteau1996
TV 106Guernica1950
F 382Hail Mary (Je Vous Salue, Marie)1984
DVD 1145Half Moon2006
DVD 747He Loves Me He Loves Me Not (A La Folie Pas Du Tout)2002
DVD 1177Heading South2005
F 698Highlander 3: The Sorcerer1995
DVD 1694Histoire(s) du Cinema1988-1998
DVD 168House of Mirth, The2000
DVD 553I Vitelloni1953
DVD 2289I, Daniel Blake2016
DVD 571Il Compagno Don Camillo1965
DVD 1965Il Divo2008
DVD 558Il Postino (The Postman)1994
DVD 577Il Ritorno Di Don Camillo1953
DVD 1659Illusionist, The2010
DVD 977Ils (Them)2006
F 56Immortal Story, The1968
DVD 1048Inland Empire2006
DVD 974Interpreter, The2005
F 1166Intimacy2000
DVD 176Irreversible2002
DVD 2232Italian Job, The2003
DVD 1609Jacquot de Nantes1991
DVD 1389Je Suis Né d'une Cigogne1998
DVD 1217Je Tu Il Elle1975
DVD 1217Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles1975
F 1038Jetée, La1962
DVD 371Jetée, La1962
DVD 1955Jimmy's Hall2014
F 811Jour de Fête1948
DVD 2349Journey (Voyage) to Italy1954
DVD 2258Journey of Hope1990
F 731Jules et Jim1962
DVD 1419Kameradschaft1931
DVD 543Kingdom, The1994
DVD 2444Kirikou and the Sorceress1998
TV 609Kraftwerk: Pop Art2013
F 1L'Age d'Or1930
DVD 759L'age D'or1930
DVD 1049L'Argent1928
F 362L'Armée des Ombres (Army in the Shadows)1969
DVD 768L'Armée des Ombres (Army in the Shadows)1969
F 581L'Atalante1934
F 744L'Avventura1959
DVD 1607L'une Chante, L'autre Pas1977
DVD 1052La Chartreuse de Parme1947
F 247La Chinoise1967
DVD 2235La Commune (Paris 1871)2000
F 846La Guerre est Finie1966
DVD 2191La Haine1995
DVD 611La Loi, C'est La Loi1958
F 417La Marseillaise1938
DVD 1420La Marseillaise1938
F 368La Mort En Ce Jardin (aka Evil Eden)1956
DVD 559La Notte1961
DVD 1314La Pointe Courte1954
F 74La Prise de Pouvoir Par Louis XIV1966
DVD 1872La Promesse1996
F 588La Règle du Jeu (The Rules of the Game)1939
DVD 334La Règle du Jeu (The Rules of the Game)1939
F 384La Ronde1950
DVD 1045La Vie d'un Honnête Homme1953
DVD 1428La Vie est à Nous1936
F 655Ladislaw Starewicz: Selected Films1911
DVD 1112Lancelot du Lac1974
F 900Last Tango In Paris, The1972
F 309Last Year In Marienbad1961
DVD 1044Last Year In Marienbad1961
DVD 1316Le Bonheur1964
F 52Le Boucher1969
DVD 610Le Diable et les Dix Commandements1962
DVD 1167Le Fate Ignoranti2000
F 156Le Gai Savoir1968
DVD 2350Le Joli Mai1963
F 619Le Mépris1963
DVD 1119Le Mépris1963
DVD 609Le Mouton à Cinq Pattes1954
F 730Le Petit Soldat1963
F 247Les Carabiniers1963
DVD 1375Les Enfants Terribles1950
DVD 1184Les Petit Vacances2006
DVD 1217Les Rendez-Vous D'Anna1978
DVD 1860Leviathan2012
F 383Liebelei1932
DVD 1386Life is a Miracle2004
DVD 1556Little Dieter Needs To Fly1998
DVD 529Live Flesh1997
F 502Lola Montes1955
F 390Lola Montes1955
DVD 664Lolita1997
DVD 2167London River2009
DVD 2062Looking For Eric2009
TR 116Lord of the Dance - Destroyer of Illusion1986
DVD 636Lost Son, The1998
F 1029Love and Anarchy1973
F 1095Love's Labour's Lost2000
DVD 582Lumiere and Company1996
F 385Lumiere Programme1895
F 873Ma Vie En Rose1998
DVD 192Madame Bovary1991
F 1130Madame Bovary1933
DVD 1791Magic of Méliès, The1997
TR 30Mahabharata (parts 1 & 2)1989
F 1148Man Who Cried, The2000
F 828Man Who Cried, The2000
DVD 1387Maradona by Kusturica2008
DVD 1075March of the Penguins2005
DVD 1964Marie Antionette2006
DVD 555Matrimonio All'Italiana1964
TR 6Medea1970
F 6Milky Way, The1968
DVD 1528Milky Way, The1968
TR 180Molière1978
F 1035Mon Oncle1958
DVD 865Mon Oncle1958
DVD 1165Monday Morning2002
DVD 87Monsoon Wedding2001
GB 104Monte Carlo or Bust1969
DVD 874Motorcycle Diaries, The2004
F 811Mr Hulot's Holiday1952
F 1202Murder On A Sunday2001
F 630Music For The Movies: Bernard Herrmann1992
DVD 482My Son The Fanatic1997
DVD 1124Napoleon1927
F 82Napoleon (pt 1)1927
F 83Napoleon (pt 2)1927
DVD 1217News From Home1976
DVD 1010Night of Truth, The (Nuit de la vérité, La)2004
DVD 36Night On Earth1991
F 747Nightmare of the Submarine Tunnel, The1907
DVD 1478Nosferatu the Vampyre1979
DVD 1861Nostalgia For The Light2010
F 1084Nuit et Brouillard (Night and Fog)1955
F 162Numéro Deux1975
DVD 1783Oliver Twist2005
F 793Origins of Cinema Volume VI : Early Chase and Trick Films1896
DVD 1011Orphée1950
DVD 2438Paddington 22017
DVD 2273Painting, The (Blu-ray)2011
TV 469Papillon1973
F 367Paris, Texas1984
DVD 1449Paris, Texas1984
F 157Passion1982
TV 149Pépé le Moko1936
DVD 1395Pépé le Moko1936
DVD 2345Persepolis2007
F 7Phantom of Liberty, The1974
DVD 1532Phantom of Liberty, The1974
DVD 654Piano Teacher, The2001
F 785Piano, The1992
DVD 470Piano, The1992
DVD 1121Pickpocket1959
F 619Pierrot Le Fou1965
DVD 1634Pina2011
DVD 1009Platform2000
DVD 2240Playtime1967
DVD 1170Pot Luck2002
F 332Prénom Carmen1983
F 470Quai des Orfèvres1947
F 387Querelle1982
DVD 811Realm of the Senses, The AKA Ai No Corrida1976
DVD 2111Red Balloon, The (Le Ballon Rouge) (Blu-ray)1956
DVD 2445Red Turtle, The2016
DVD 2293Renaissance2006
DVD 1821Returned, The2012
DVD 46Rififi1955
F 788Rocco and His Brothers1960
DVD 749Romance1999
F 1071Rosetta1999
F 476Sacrifice, The1986
DVD 2253Salt of the Earth, The2014
DVD 371Sans Soleil1983
DVD 1359Satyricon1968
DVD 1131Sauve Qui Peut (aka Slow Motion)1980
DVD 2085Sauve Qui Peut (aka Slow Motion)1980
F 24Sauve qui peut (Part 2)1980
F 364Second Breath (Le Deuxieme Souffle)1966
DVD 1903Secret Defense1998
DVD 611Sénéchal le Magnifique1956
DVD 2181Shaun of the Dead2004
F 709Shoah (pt 1)1985
F 710Shoah (pt 2)1985
DVD 1484Sicilia!1998
DVD 1667Silence of Lorna, The2008
DVD 1179Silk2007
TV 129Smiling Madame Beudet, The1922
DVD 1931Snowpiercer2013
F 160Soft and Hard1985
DVD 1666Son, The2002
DVD 2196Southland Tales2006
DVD 2090Spies of Warsaw2013
DVD 2123Stations of the Cross2014
TV 464Storyville: Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse (The Gleaners and I)2000
DVD 1616Stray Dogs2004
DVD 1176Strayed (Les Égarés)2003
DVD 1160Summer Things2002
TV 185Sur et sous la communication1978
DVD 1777Sway2006
DVD 1137Swing2002
F 161Sympathy For The Devil1968
DVD 1091Sympathy For The Devil1968
DVD 34Tango Lesson, The1996
DVD 1685Taste of Cherry, The1997
DVD 1904Taxidermia2006
TV 82Teaching Extracts : French Television1986
TV 149Télé-France1977
F 360Ten2002
DVD 1687Ten2002
DVD 1382Testament of Orpheus1959
DVD 2043Tey (Aujourd'hui)2012
F 8That Obscure Object of Desire1977
DVD 1533That Obscure Object of Desire1977
TR 144Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor, The1991
TR 158Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor, The1991
TR 145Themenband1993
DVD 945Three Colours Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu)1993
DVD 945Three Colours Red (Trois Couleurs: Rouge)1994
DVD 945Three Colours White (Trois Couleurs: Blanc)1994
DVD 2330Timbuktu2014
DVD 1487Tin Drum, The1979
F 159Tout Va Bien1972
DVD 1400Train, The1964
DVD 1139Transylvania2006
F 1033Tree of Wooden Clogs, The1978
DVD 1085Tree of Wooden Clogs, The1978
F 55Trial, The1962
F 5Tristana1970
DVD 1531Tristana1970
DVD 1230Tropical Malady (AKA Sud pralad)2004
DVD 1319Trouble Every Day2001
DVD 1678Turtles Can Fly2004
TR 135Two Voyages of Jacques Lecoq, The1999
DVD 395Ulysses' Gaze1995
DVD 80Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The (AKA Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)1964
F 503Un Chien Andalou1928
F 420Un Chien Andalou1928
F 466Un Chien Andalou1928
DVD 759Un Chien Andalou1928
F 805Underground1995
DVD 1384Underground1995
F 972Une Femme Est Une Femme1961
DVD 1484Une Visite au Louvre2004
DVD 1334Unknown Pleasures (Ren Xiao Yao)2002
DVD 1608Vagabond1985
F 39Vampyr1932
DVD 2423Varda By Agnes (Blu-ray)2019
DVD 1232Vendredi Soir2002
DVD 411Vera Drake2004
F 1071Vie Revee des Anges, La1998
F 58Visions Cinema: Godard: History Passion1983
DVD 771Viva La Muerte (Long Live Death)1970
F 58Vivre Sa Vie1962
TR 71Voicework1994
F 128Voyage to Italy1953
DVD 2164Waiting for Happiness2002
DVD 1636Waltz With Bashir2008
DVD 1246Water Lilies2007
F 1163Weekend1967
DVD 560Weekend1967
F 1127Weekend In Tokyo
DVD 1161What Time Is It There?2001
F 1032Where the Hot Wind Blows1958
F 964Whip and The Flesh, The1963
DVD 2111White Mane (Crin Blanc) (Blu-ray)1953
DVD 1381White Ribbon, The2009
DVD 766Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself2002
DVD 467Wimbledon2004
DVD 1689Wind Will Carry Us, The1999
F 959Wings Of Desire1987
DVD 65Wings of Desire1987
DVD 1610Women Without Men2009
DVD 440World of Jacques Demy, The1995
DVD 875World, The2004
DVD 2214World, The (Blu-ray)2004
DVD 2419XXY2007
DVD 564Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow1963
F 765Youcef1991
DVD 390Young Adam2003
DVD 1287Young Soul Rebels1991
DVD 1485Young Törless1966
F 581Zéro de Conduite1933
DVD 920Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait2006