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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 1177Adaptation2002
DVD 297Adaptation2002
DVD 955Age of Innocence, The1993
DVD 690Agnes Of God1985
F 17All That Jazz1979
TV 431All That Jazz1979
DVD 136All That Jazz1979
DVD 1695Anderson Tapes, The1971
DVD 283Awful Truth, The1937
TV 272Batman1943
F 494Batman1943
F 1083Before Sunrise1995
GB 122Bell-Bottom George1943
F 961Bewitched1969
DVD 2186Bewitched2005
F 33Big Heat, The1953
F 262Bitter Victory1957
DVD 435Bottle Rocket1996
F 181Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
DVD 2385Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
F 220California Split1974
DVD 969Casino Royale2006
DVD 1513Casino Royale1966
F 216Chase, The1966
F 1022Confessions of a Driving Instructor1976
F 738Crimson Kimono, The1959
GB 49Cromwell1970
F 1085Cruel Intentions1999
GB 103Dad's Army1971
F 102Dead Reckoning1947
F 433Dr Strangelove1963
DVD 1909Fail-Safe1964
F 222Fat City1972
F 88Father Brown1954
DVD 2089Finding Forrester2000
F 394Flatliners1990
F 155Fortune is a Woman1957
GB 124Fortune is a Woman1957
F 175From Here to Eternity1953
GB 108George in Civvy Street1946
F 203Georgy Girl1966
F 344Ghostbusters1984
DVD 2193Ghostbusters1984
F 185Gilda1946
DVD 6Gilda1946
F 1137Gilda1946
F 541Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The1973
DVD 51Groundhog Day1993
F 1042Guns of Navarone, The1961
F 142His Girl Friday1940
DVD 372His Girl Friday1940
DVD 460Holiday1938
DVD 2171Hollow Man2000
GB 68Hope and Glory1987
F 429Human Desire1954
DVD 447Identity2003
F 424In a Lonely Place1950
DVD 346In a Lonely Place1950
DVD 834In Cold Blood1967
F 1144It Happened One Night1934
DVD 367It Happened One Night1934
F 439Jagged Edge1985
DVD 2206Karate Kid, The1984
DVD 2206Karate Kid, The1984
F 251Kramer Versus Kramer1979
DVD 286Lady For A Day1933
F 81Lady from Shanghai, The1948
DVD 852Lady from Shanghai, The1948
DVD 1975Lady From Shanghai, The1948
F 920Last Action Hero1993
DVD 11Last Action Hero1993
F 921Last Action Hero1993
F 922Last Action Hero1993
F 923Last Action Hero1993
DVD 970Lawrence of Arabia1962
DVD 441League of Their Own, A1992
F 697Lorna Doone1951
DVD 282Lost Horizon1937
F 1079Macbeth1971
DVD 603Macbeth1971
DVD 869Malice1993
DVD 1012Malice1993
DVD 1964Marie Antionette2006
DVD 727Memoirs Of A Geisha2005
TV 16Mike Hammer1984
DVD 1975Miss Sadie Thompson1953
DVD 322Mr Deeds Goes to Town1936
F 120Mr Smith Goes to Washington1939
DVD 1429Mr Smith Goes to Washington1939
F 1062Multiplicity1995
TV 53Naked City, The1961
DVD 1266Not Another Teen Movie2001
DVD 82Obsession1976
F 625On The Waterfront1954
F 294Only Angels Have Wings1939
DVD 678Only Angels Have Wings1939
DVD 2004Our Man In Havana1959
F 1039Pal Joey1957
DVD 301Pal Joey1957
DVD 2217Panic Room2002
F 1196Penny Serenade1941
F 347Perfect1985
F 239Picnic1955
DVD 792Prince of Tides, The1991
DVD 2201Producers, The2006
F 209Reckless Moment, The1949
DVD 1708Reckless Moment, The1949
DVD 878Remains of the Day, The1993
F 879Replacement Killers, The1998
TV 395Ricki Lake1996
GB 58Robin and Marian1976
DVD 1361Sahara1943
DVD 6Salome1953
DVD 165Sense and Sensibility1995
GB 75Severed Head, A1970
F 245Shampoo1975
DVD 672Shampoo1975
DVD 20Single White Female1992
DVD 740Snatch2000
F 1147Some Mother's Son1996
GB 79South American George1941
DVD 463St Elmo's Fire1985
F 553Starman1984
F 379Suddenly Last Summer1959
DVD 2070Taking of Pelham 123, The2009
DVD 127Taxi Driver1976
F 348Tingler, The1959
F 231Tootsie1982
F 226Way We Were, The1973
DVD 694Wedding Planner, The2001
F 265You Can't Take It with You1937
DVD 1974You'll Never Get Rich1941