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Source IDTitleYearVOD
GB 102Bulldog Breed, The1960
GB 108Caesar and Cleopatra1945
GB 101Card, The1952
GB 78Cardboard Cavalier1949
F 1006Carry On At Your Convenience1971
GB 53Carry On Regardless1960
GB 84Doctor At Sea1955
F 701Doctor In Clover1966
DVD 75Doctor in the House1954
F 1207Early Bird, The1965
GB 77Educating Rita1983
F 308Evil of Frankenstein, The1964
GB 66Evil of Frankenstein, The1964
F 193Fog, The1979
F 663Follow A Star1959
DVD 74Genevieve1953
F 228Gentle Sex, The1943
TV 165Great Expectations1946
DVD 169Great Expectations1946
TV 203Hell Drivers1957
GB 92Hell Drivers1957
F 487Henry V1944
TR 8Henry V1944
TV 135Here Come The Huggetts1948
F 1161Hunted1952
F 1167I Believe in You1952
DVD 77I Know Where I'm Going!1945
F 648Ill Met By Moonlight1957
GB 34Ill Met by Moonlight1956
F 149In Which We Serve1942
F 679Innocents In Paris1953
GB 54It's Hard to Be Good1948
GB 37Jacqueline1956
F 1104Jassy1947
F 313Kiss of the Vampire1964
GB 119Lady Vanishes, The1979
GB 94League of Gentlemen, The1960
F 198London Belongs to Me1948
GB 7London Belongs to Me1948
GB 29Long Arm, The1956
TV 118Long Arm, The1956
DVD 1211Look at Life: Swingin' London1959
GB 16Made in Heaven1952
GB 82No, My Darling Daughter1961
GB 47Nor the Moon by Night1958
F 667Northwest Frontier1959
GB 35Northwest Frontier1959
GB 141Quiller Memorandum, The1966
DVD 1193Reach For The Sky1956
F 681Reach For The Sky1956
GB 28Reach For The Sky1956
F 604Robbery Under Arms1957
F 334Rockets Galore1958
F 571Sapphire1959
GB 24Sapphire1959
GB 23School for Secrets1946
F 556Sea of Sand1958
GB 30Sea of Sand1958
GB 134Seance On A Wet Afternoon1964
F 359Simon and Laura1955
F 789Sir Norman Wisdom Presents: A Stitch in Time1963
DVD 2328Sky West and Crooked1966
F 591Square Peg, The1958
DVD 89Strictly Ballroom1992
GB 85Tale of Two Cities, A1958
GB 122Thirty-Nine Steps, The1978
GB 2Titfield Thunderbolt, The1952
F 380Too Many Crooks1959
GB 110Too Many Crooks1959
GB 86Up in the World1956
GB 79Valley of Eagles1951
F 1162Violent Playground1958
F 1164Wind Cannot Read, The1958