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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 1202001: A Space Odyssey1968
GB 802001: A Space Odyssey1968
DVD 1006Adam's Rib1949
F 270American in Paris, An1951
DVD 2032Amityville Horror, The2005
F 756Anna Christie1930
F 590Anna Karenina1935
F 1138Asphalt Jungle, The1950
F 302Bad and the Beautiful, The1952
F 532Bad Day At Black Rock1955
F 36Band Wagon, The1953
DVD 2100Be Cool2005
F 444Ben Hur1925
F 1128Big Parade, The1925
F 982Blackboard Jungle, The1955
F 577Blowup1966
DVD 1222Border Incident1949
DVD 674Bound For Glory1976
F 123Brigadoon1954
DVD 1416Broadway Melody, The1921
F 1005Buddy Holly Story, The1978
F 968Carey Treatment, The1972
DVD 969Casino Royale2006
DVD 858Cat On A Hot Tin Roof1958
F 377Caught1948
DVD 1106Caught1948
GB 13Children of the Damned1964
F 901China Seas1935
F 570Cimarron1960
F 626Cobweb, The1955
F 15Coma1978
GB 29Crest of the Wave1954
F 25Crowd, The1928
F 936Day at the Races, A1937
F 1021Death Hunt1981
DVD 2063Delirious1991
DVD 2063Delirious1991
F 358Dirty Dozen, The1967
F 711Dog Soldiers1978
DVD 525Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1941
F 37Dr Kildare1965
F 253Flesh and the Devil1926
DVD 1062Flying Scotsman, The2006
DVD 2064Fool For Love1985
F 523Force of Evil1948
TV 41Forsyte Saga, The1967
F 527Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The1961
F 590Freaks1932
DVD 2290Freaks1932
F 683Get Carter1971
GB 104Get Carter1971
TV 380Girl From Missouri, The1934
DVD 737Goldeneye1995
F 798Goldeneye1995
F 372Gone With The Wind1939
DVD 2309Gone With The Wind1939
DVD 1436Goodbye, Mr Chips1939
DVD 1107Grand Prix1966
DVD 284Great Ziegfeld, The1936
F 405Greed1924
F 1132Hannibal2001
F 827Haunting, The1963
F 1039High Society1956
F 407Home From The Hill1959
GB 48House of the Seven Hawks1959
F 1051Ice Station Zebra1968
F 421It's Always Fair Weather1955
F 389King Solomon's Mines1950
DVD 1221Lady in the Lake1946
TV 551Laurel and Hardy: Busy Bodies1933
TV 548Laurel and Hardy: Perfect Day1929
TV 549Laurel and Hardy: The Midnight Patrol1933
TV 548Laurel and Hardy: Thicker Than Water1935
DVD 2387Legally Blonde2001
DVD 2387Legally Blonde 22003
F 909Legend Of Lylah Clare, The1968
F 743Little Women1949
F 18Madame Bovary1949
F 89Mark of the Vampire1935
DVD 2395Mata Hari1931
GB 114Murder Ahoy1964
DVD 461Mutiny on the Bounty1935
DVD 416National Velvet1944
F 237Navigator, The1924
F 139North by Northwest1959
DVD 319North by Northwest1959
F 445Old Heidelberg1927
DVD 581On The Town1949
F 269Party Girl1958
DVD 444Pat and Mike1952
F 508Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid1973
F 836Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid1973
DVD 823Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid1973
F 189Philadelphia Story, The1940
F 640Picture Of Dorian Gray, The1945
F 723Point Blank1967
DVD 952Point Blank1967
F 474Poltergeist1982
F 966Poltergeist 2: The Other Side1986
TV 142Postman Always Rings Twice, The1946
F 734Pride and Prejudice1940
F 1001Rains of Ranchipur, The1953
F 328Random Harvest1942
DVD 450Red Dragon2002
F 237Red Hot Riding Hood1943
F 239Reunion In France1942
F 632Ride The High Country1962
F 1010Secret Garden, The1949
GB 14Secret Partner, The1961
F 184Seven Women1966
F 1072Shaft1971
F 1073Shaft in Africa1973
F 1073Shaft's Big Score1972
DVD 382Shop Around the Corner, The1940
DVD 1291Show Boat1951
F 237Show People1928
F 242Silk Stockings1957
F 370Singin' In The Rain1952
DVD 28Singin' in the Rain1952
F 888Some Came Running1958
F 785Stargate SG-11998
F 901Susan Lenox1931
F 113Sweet Bird of Youth1962
DVD 2070Taking of Pelham 123, The2009
F 740Tale of Two Cities, A1935
DVD 1443Tale of Two Cities, A1935
DVD 329Thelma and Louise1991
DVD 310Thin Man, The1934
F 915Two Weeks In Another Town1962
GB 24Village of the Damned1960
F 640Way Out West1937
DVD 1696Wild Orchids1929
F 346Wizard of Oz, The1939
DVD 320Wizard of Oz, The1939
F 100Woman of Affairs, A1928
DVD 293Women, The1939
TV 101Year of Living Dangerously, The1982
F 1094Your Cheatin' Heart1964
F 902Zabriskie Point1970