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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 2302A Honeymoon Adventure1931
F 611Bells Go Down, The1943
F 355Big Blockade, The1941
GB 129Black Sheep of Whitehall1941
F 365Blue Lamp, The1949
F 217Captive Heart, The1946
GB 133Captive Heart, The1946
DVD 942Champagne Charlie1944
DVD 2302Cheer Boys Cheer1939
GB 71Convoy1940
F 641Convoy1940
DVD 1194Cruel Sea, The1953
GB 40Cruel Sea, The1953
F 230Cruel Sea, The1952
DVD 1512Dead of Night1945
F 140Dead of Night1945
GB 33Dead of Night1945
GB 9Foreman Went to France, The1941
GB 61Frieda1947
GB 117Ghost of St Michael's, The1941
GB 129Goose Steps Out, The1942
GB 68Halfway House, The1943
GB 11Hue and Cry1947
F 558Hue and Cry1946
F 1167I Believe in You1952
DVD 942It Always Rains on Sunday1947
F 240It Always Rains on Sunday1947
F 221Kind Hearts and Coronets1949
F 85Ladykillers, The1955
F 229Lavender Hill Mob, The1951
GB 29Long Arm, The1956
TV 118Long Arm, The1956
GB 4Loves of Joanna Godden, The1947
F 227Maggie, The1953
DVD 942Maggie, The1953
F 211Mandy1952
F 227Meet Mr Lucifer1953
DVD 2302Meet Mr Lucifer1953
F 954Nicholas Nickelby1947
GB 22Nowhere to Go1958
F 221Passport To Pimlico1949
F 676Pink String And Sealing Wax1945
GB 19Pink String And Sealing Wax1945
F 961Pool of London1950
F 369Proud Valley, The1940
DVD 1403Proud Valley, The1940
F 76Saloon Bar1940
F 132San Demetrio, London1943
F 224Scott of the Antarctic1948
F 898Shiralee, The1957
F 643Square Ring, The1953
GB 140Square Ring, The1953
F 391Titfield Thunderbolt, The1952
GB 2Titfield Thunderbolt, The1952
F 206Went The Day Well?1942
F 229Whisky Galore!1947
DVD 942Whisky Galore!1947
DVD 2302Whom The Gods Love1936