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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 53424 (Twenty Four)2001
TV 53424 (Twenty Four)2001
DVD 23424 (Twenty Four)2001
DVD 1335A Letter To Three Wives1949
DVD 2221A Yank In The RAF1941
DVD 211Abyss, The1989
DVD 822Affair To Remember, An1957
F 203Alien1979
DVD 1937Alien1979
DVD 2029Alien 31992
DVD 2030Alien Resurrection1997
F 392Alien trailer1979
F 1104Aliens1986
DVD 211Aliens1986
F 1009All About Eve1950
DVD 1126All About Eve1950
TV 431All That Jazz1979
DVD 136All That Jazz1979
F 17All That Jazz1979
DVD 258Ally McBeal1998
DVD 259Ally McBeal1998
DVD 260Ally McBeal1998
DVD 261Ally McBeal1998
DVD 262Ally McBeal1998
DVD 263Ally McBeal1998
TV 460Angel2001
DVD 2223Anna and the King of Siam1946
TV 127Another Country1984
GB 66Another Country1984
DVD 1727Another Country1984
DVD 1932Avatar2009
DVD 267Beneath The 12 Mile Reef1953
DVD 414Beneath The 12 Mile Reef1953
DVD 844Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls1970
DVD 1007Boston Strangler, The1968
F 1114Braveheart1995
DVD 1815Braveheart1995
F 1040Buffy The Vampire Slayer2000
F 960Buffy The Vampire Slayer1999
TV 446Buffy The Vampire Slayer1997
TV 447Buffy The Vampire Slayer1997
TV 448Buffy The Vampire Slayer1997
TV 460Buffy The Vampire Slayer2001
DVD 1322Buffy the Vampire Slayer1999-2000
DVD 1563Buffy the Vampire Slayer2000-2001
TV 538Buffy: Television With a Bite2002
F 396Bus Stop1956
F 170Call Northside 7771948
F 300Chariots of Fire1981
DVD 684Chariots of Fire1981
DVD 2226Cheaper By The Dozen1950
DVD 2037Chronicle2012
F 14Cry of the City1948
DVD 1984Curse of the Fly1965
DVD 1985D-Day the Sixth of June1956
DVD 2222Dark Corner, The1946
DVD 2006Day After Tomorrow, The2004
F 472Day The Earth Stood Still, The1951
DVD 2007Day The Earth Stood Still, The2008
DVD 187Die Hard1988
DVD 187Die Hard 21990
DVD 187Die Hard With A Vengeance1995
F 635Dimples1936
DVD 2183Dodgeball2004
DVD 2224Don't Bother To Knock1952
F 727Edward Scissorhands1990
F 1035Eyewitness1981
DVD 2051Fantastic 4 (Blu-ray)2005
DVD 2052Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Blu-ray)2007
F 322Flaming Star1960
F 116Flight of the Phoenix1965
DVD 2219Fly, The1958
F 944French Connection 2, The1975
DVD 883French Kiss1995
DVD 156From Hell2001
F 1003Fury, The1978
F 319Gentlemen Prefer Blondes1953
DVD 2435Gentlemen Prefer Blondes1953
F 103Girl Can't Help It, The1956
F 759Grapes of Wrath, The1940
F 37Grapes of Wrath, The1940
DVD 1981Great Expectations1998
F 950Guns At Batasi1964
F 20High Anxiety1977
DVD 2048Home Alone1990
DVD 2437Home Alone1990
DVD 2437Home Alone 2: Lost In New York1992
F 550House of Bamboo1955
DVD 2227House on Telegraph Hill1951
DVD 1327How Green Was My Valley1941
DVD 452How To Marry A Millionaire1953
F 1079How To Marry A Millionaire1953
DVD 2066Hustler, The1961
F 47I Was a Male War Bride1949
DVD 2218I, Robot2004
F 998Independence Day1996
DVD 1980Independence Day1996
DVD 2008Independence Day1996
F 645Julia1977
F 299Kagemusha1980
F 350King of Comedy, The1982
DVD 592King of Comedy, The1982
GB 125Kipps1941
F 674Kiss of Death1947
TV 117L. A. Law1987
TV 182L. A. Law1988
TV 116L. A. Law1986
F 80Laura1944
F 51Lifeboat1944
DVD 2138Lincoln2012
DVD 2303Littlest Rebel, The1935
F 370Lost In Space1965
DVD 2220Love Me Tender1956
TV 350MASH1973
F 339MASH1978
TV 80MASH1972
TV 414MASH1978
TV 414MASH1978
TV 414MASH1978
TV 398MASH1974
TV 194MASH1976
TV 194MASH1975
TV 194MASH1975
TV 194MASH1975
DVD 1957MASH1972-1973
DVD 1976MASH1973-1974
F 96Me, Myself and Irene2000
DVD 2045Minority Report2003
F 48Monkey Business1952
F 138Mother, Jugs and Speed1976
F 1120Mrs. Doubtfire1993
F 403My Darling Clementine1946
DVD 846My Darling Clementine1946
F 727Never Been Kissed1999
DVD 255Newton Boys, The1998
F 670Night And The City1950
DVD 2216Night and the City1950
F 668Nine And A Half Weeks1986
DVD 827Omen, The1976
DVD 2242Omen, The (2006)2006
DVD 2225On The Avenue1937
F 567One In A Million1936
DVD 115Panic in Needle Park, The1971
TV 143Panic In the Streets1950
F 708Patton (Lust for Glory)1970
DVD 541Peyton Place1957
TV 319Peyton Place1965
F 7Phantom of Liberty, The1974
DVD 1532Phantom of Liberty, The1974
DVD 1639Predator1987
F 1141Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The1969
DVD 683Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The1969
F 428Return of Frank James, The1940
DVD 2361Road to Perdition2002
DVD 1993Rocky Horror Picture Show, The1975
DVD 17Romeo and Juliet1996
F 1092Romeo and Juliet1996
F 978Roswell High2000
F 355Rush Hour1941
F 641Sailor Of The King1953
F 1135Say Anything1989
DVD 1365Sentinel, The2006
DVD 268Seven Year Itch, The1955
TV 460Simpsons, The2001
TV 460Simpsons, The1991
F 575Simpsons, The1993
F 976Simpsons, The1996
F 915Simpsons, The1998
DVD 1109Simpsons, The1989-1990
DVD 1983Sitter, The2011
DVD 2268Speed1994
F 404Star Chamber, The1983
F 255Star Wars (pt 1)1977
F 254Star Wars (pt 2)1977
DVD 236Star Wars: Episode 1 - the Phantom Menace1999
DVD 1949Street With No Name, The1948
DVD 1575Thin Red Line, The1998
F 1046Three Came Home1959
F 750Three Women1977
F 376Titanic1998
DVD 915Titanic (Deluxe Collector's Edition)1997
DVD 291Towering Inferno, The1974
F 865Trapped In Paradise1994
DVD 829Turning Point, The1977
TV 195Undefeated, The1969
F 684Unmarried Woman, An1978
F 1072Valley of The Dolls1967
DVD 844Valley of The Dolls1967
DVD 2400Wailing, The2016
GB 142Walkabout1971
DVD 233Walkabout1971
DVD 2113Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps2010
F 148Western Union1941
F 489Where's That Fire?1939
GB 112Where's That Fire?1939
F 658Working Girl1988
F 394X Files, The2000
F 945X Files, The1996
DVD 614X Files, The1998-1999
F 691X-Files, The1993
TV 382X-Files, The1993
TV 382X-Files, The1993
DVD 2102X-Men2000
DVD 2067X-Men 22003
DVD 2053X-Men: The Last Stand (Blu-ray)2006
F 43Young Mr Lincoln1939
DVD 838Young Mr Lincoln1939
F 956Young Mr Pitt, The1942
GB 147Young Mr Pitt, The1942
F 39Young Ones, The1961
F 806Zorba the Greek1964